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Category Archives: Auto Insurance

New York Insurance Losses For Storm will Reach $33 Billion

Post Date  January 14, 2013 – That financial damage incurred from Superstorm Sandy will cost the state of New York about $33 Billion. With a budget of $132 billion a year, New York Insurance damage losses of 33 Billion dollars will most likely bankrupt the state if the federal government does not chip in. The… Continue Reading

New Jersey Insurance Claims Eclipse $1 Billion

Post Date January 10, 2013 – One of the nations largest Auto and Homeowners Insurance, Allstate Insurance Company , suffered one of the highest single states claims months in the company’s history. The State of New Jersey Insurance Claims from Super Storm Sandy has recorded losses over one billion dollars. The expected New Jersey Insurance… Continue Reading

New Jersey Car Insurance PIP Law Is Here To Stay

Post Date January 9, 2012 – The Garden State has started implementing  a new car insurance regulations. New Jersey Car Insurance PIP, (Personal Injury Protection) went  into effect  on Friday, Jan. 4, 2013 after the state’s Superior Court denied a request for its stay.  The New Jersey Association of Ambulatory Surgery Centers had filed an… Continue Reading

NJ Insurance Claims And Public Adjusters – Where’s the Benefit?

Post Date January 8, 2012 – Disasters resulting in NJ Insurance Claims can strike anywhere and anytime.  Of course this is exactly what has happened with Super Storm Sandy which cost several states, including the State of New Jersey billions of dollars and hundreds of thousands people forced to endure property damage, destroyed homes and… Continue Reading

NJ Insurance Manager Admits To Impropriety

Post Date January 7, 2013 – New Jersey Attorney General announced a former manager from a New Jersey insurance brokerage Manger pleaded guilty to stealing millions of dollars from the NJ Insurance Insurance Agency he worked for.  The former NJ Insurance manager identified as Kelly L. Roetto admitted to nearly 4 million in customers insurance… Continue Reading

Flood Insurance Disaster Aid Approved By House

Post Date January 5, 2013 – The United States Senate approved over $60 billion in supplemental aid for the northeast states  hit hard by the Super storm Sandy. The emergency funding bill will increase the borrowing authority of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). The bottom line the National Flood Insurance Program is broke!  The… Continue Reading

Georgia Auto Insurance Carriers Warn About Sandy-Damaged Vehicles

Post Date December 12, 2012 – Georgia Auto Insurance Agents  are warning both new and used car buyers to look-out for flooded vehicles being sold in the used cars market. The Georgia Auto Insurance agents alert was issued shortly after Hurricane Sandy.  It’s commonly known among Georgia auto insurance companies are many flood-damaged vehicles are… Continue Reading

Hurricane Sandy Insurance Claims “Out Of Control”

Post Date December 8, 2012 – Although Hurricane Sandy has long past;  the after effects remain. Hurricane Sandy is now creating a storm of insurance claims and complaints from insurance consumers. Policyholders throughout the state of New Jersey are begging their state insurance regulators to intervene and force their auto insurance, homeowners insurance and flood… Continue Reading