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Category Archives: Auto Insurance

Texas Auto Insurance Required In Lone Star State

Post Date September 1, 2012 – Texas auto insurance is required for drivers in The Lone Star state.  Texas requires drivers to shift or defray the costs of a drivers at fault auto accident liability which he/she or their owned vehicles can cause.  Texas drivers are required to maintain Proof of Financial Responsibility which can… Continue Reading

Auto Insurance Websites: Be Careful, Most Are Unlicensed

Post Date August 31, 2012 – There are many auto insurance websites on the World Wide Web.  Choosing one where you shop and ultimately buy your car insurance policy from can be eye opening experience in 2012.  Although it’s very easy for me to endorse my company’s auto insurance websites; there’s one important issue you… Continue Reading

Michigan Auto Insurance: What To Know About Your Car Insurance Policy

Post Date August 30, 2012 –  Anyone whom wants to register a car or light truck in the State of Michigan is required to purchase Michigan Auto Insurance.  I know my Blog Posts are not the most interesting.  Although I have outlined the auto insurance requirement in many of our US States; I really can’t… Continue Reading

NJ Auto Insurance Rates For Teen Increase After Texting Accident

Post Pate August 28, 2012 –  A New Jersey teenage driver who was texting while driving his car caused two people to suffer greatly after his negligence caused a serious at fault accident. The teenage driver whom struck and injured a couple on board their motorcycle had a multi-million dollar lawsuit filed against him and… Continue Reading

New Jersey Car Insurance Policy No No’s!

Post Date August 27,  2012 – Anyone whom follows my daily Blog knows I’m committed to a wide range of state specific auto insurance subjects including New Jersey Car Insurance stories.  Although I have Blogged about what is included in a New Jersey car insurance policy, it’s important I point out what a New Jersey… Continue Reading

PA Auto Insurance Rates And Rating Factors

Post Date August 26, 2012 – PA Auto Insurance Rates use many different factors to determine a drivers final premium.   These rating factors are then calculated and applied toward  a group of drivers whom share similar rating characteristics. Pennsylvania Car Insurance Companies then set PA Auto Insurance rates for that group based on the… Continue Reading

New Jersey Auto Insurance Options

Post Date August 25, 2012 – New Jersey Auto Insurance Options and additional car insurance coverage can easily and inexpensively improve a standard auto insurance policy.   New Jersey Auto Insurance Options add the value other than those required by law in the state of  New Jersey.  The State of New Jersey, specifically the NJ Department… Continue Reading

Commercial Auto Insurance Is Much Cheaper

Post Date August 24, 2012 –  There’s a common misconception among those intending to start a business.  For some reason most people feel Commercial Auto Insurance is more expensive than a standard auto insurance policy.  The truth is commercial auto insurance is cheaper. Regardless of who you are or where you live, everyone needs to send… Continue Reading

Auto Insurance Rates In New Jersey Fraudulently Obtained

Post Date August 23, 2012 – After submitting an initial fraudulent insurance application, continuing the ruse through nearly a decade of renewals to obtain lower auto insurance rates in New Jersey , a  New York City businessman was arrested and arraigned last week. Scott Sanders, an operator of  large fleets of commercial vehicles is being accused of… Continue Reading