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Category Archives: Auto Insurance

Who’s Getting The Lowest Auto Insurance Rates In Ohio?

Post Date August 22, 2012 –  The lowest Auto insurance rates in Ohio are calculated in the same way car insurance premiums are set in any other state, city or town.  Risk factors that insurance companies use in determining auto insurance costs for a particular consumer first start with the place where he/she lives and… Continue Reading

Auto Insurance Rates In New Jersey Can Always Be Lower

Post Date August 21, 2012 – Auto insurance rates in New Jersey have undeniably become more expensive over the last few years. This does not mean New Jersey drivers can’t do anything to lower their auto insurance rates in New Jersey.  In fact; there are a number of proven ways to lessen one’s auto insurance… Continue Reading

NJ Car Insurance Costs For Handicapped Drivers

Post Date August 20, 2012 – NJ car insurance has always been a delicate subject among New Jersey drivers. Auto insurance rates in the state have been on the proverbial roller coaster for the last 50 years.  Because consistently increasing legislation, NJ Car Insurance Companies have been forced to increase rates to the point of… Continue Reading

Ohio Auto Insurance Rates Jeopardized By Recent Storms

Post Date August 19, 2012 –  Ohio State Insurance Industry analysts say more than $400,000.00 in claims have been paid as a result serious storms activity.  A recent claims study conducted by the Ohio Insurance  Institute (OII) shows there has been an increase in Ohio auto insurance rates and Ohio homeowners insurance rates due to insured… Continue Reading

NJ Auto Insurance Rates Won’t Be Affected After Vehicular Death

Post Date August 18, 2012 –  Sadly passing away from her serious injuries after a car accident, an 83-year old North Brunswick, New Jersey woman who was in the process of crossing a  cross-street was struck by a pick-up truck at Nassau Street and Remsen Avenue, July 15, 2012.  Based on the accident report, the… Continue Reading

Auto Insurance Policy Comparison And Advice

Post Date August 16. 2012 –  Is your current auto insurance policy about to cancel, non-renew or renew?  Are you considering other insurance providers which may have better coverage, lower monthly payment or both?  Does you current Auto Insurance Policy premium suit your needs?  If any of these questions define your current situation; then please… Continue Reading

Commercial Truck Insurance Transfers Risk

Post Date August 15, 2012 – Commercial truck insurance has been identified as a vitally important requirement which contributes to the success of any trucking company.  Although this type of insurance coverage may take a very large slice of a company’s monthly cash flow, it’s vital a business like a commercial trucking company has the… Continue Reading

Homeowners Insurance In NJ Will Cover Theft

Post Date August 13, 2012 – Wayne New Jersey Police arrested two Hackensack, NJ men who are believed to have committed  a string of home burglaries.  New Jersey Authorities identified the two men as Jarrett Bruce and Sherrod Stewart.  Both  men are 28 years old and residents of  Hackensack, New Jersey. The two were believed… Continue Reading