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Category Archives: Car Insurance

Cherry Hill NJ Homeowners Insurance Claims Filed After Burglaries

Post Date August 9, 2012 –  Cherry Hill NJ Homeowners Insurance claims filed after a man is caught while trying to break into a Randy Drive garage. The burglar then admitted to authorities that he had already committed 26 prior burglaries. Local police were already on tight watch and were closely investigating the long string of theft… Continue Reading

New Jersey Car Insurance And ICE T Don’t Mix

Post Date  August 8, 2012 – A New York Department of Motor Vehicles clerical error prompted the vehicle stop and ultimate arrest of  TV Star and Rapper Ice-T.  A New York Judge immediately dropped the charges against the veteran entertainer after the Manhattan Assistant District Attorney found Ice T was properly licensed and maintained a… Continue Reading

New Jersey Auto Insurance Fraud Charges For Newark Police Officer

Post Date August 7, 2012 – Charged with New Jersey Auto Insurance theft and records tampering, a Newark police officer surrendered to the State Police  in June 28 to face the charges lodged against him. In a statement by the New Jersey Attorney General Jeffrey Chiesa, the accused was identified as Newark, New Jersey Police… Continue Reading

Homeowners Insurance Payments Appears To Be Fraud

Post Date August 6, 2012 –  A  South Carolina man was arrested and charged with mail and homeowners insurance fraud. The man was identified as Gerald Hardin who faced indictment on six counts of criminal charges. It was alleged that Hardin  together with another person intentionally cut-off the hand of another participant with  a pole… Continue Reading

Taxi Service Charged With NJ Commercial Auto Insurance Fraud

Post Date August, 5  2012 –  An owner of a taxi and limousine service based in Newton, New Jersey was indicted for falsely registering and insuring his service vehicles in New Jersey to obtain lower NJ Commercial Auto insurance premiums. The New Jersey Attorney General,  identified the accused as Moustapha Lo, owner of Safe & Fare… Continue Reading

Car Insurance Fraud Convictions In South Carolina

Post Date August 3, 2012 –Charged with car insurance fraud for presenting false auto insurance claims, a group of Loris, SC residents pleaded no contest to car insurance fraud.  The residents were convicted of presenting a false auto insurance claim  and receiving a claims payment in the amount of almost $2,000.  The group were dentified as Barbara Riggins,… Continue Reading

Comprehensive Car Insurance May Not Cover Theft?

Post Date August 1, 2012 – Three car owners reported to Police their vehicles were burglarized in Vineland, New Jersey.  A spokesman for the Vineland, New JerseyPolice Department stated the the thefts took place the second week of July 2012. It’s not known if  comprehensive car insurance is available to pay claims. The owners of… Continue Reading

NJ Auto Insurance Coverage May Pay For Suspicious Fires

NJ auto insurance coverage should pay for truck damage.  Evesham, New Jersey Police Department are looking into three suspicious fire that occurred at the same address for the third time this year. The residence which is located in a unit block at Wessex Place in Evesham Township. The latest fire occurred  during the evening of… Continue Reading