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Category Archives: Car Insurance

Suspended Drivers License In PA For Texting

Post Date March 25, 2013 – Not only are drivers banned from texting while driving  in most states in the U.S., you can expect a suspended drivers license in PA for that offense. In addition to the ban from texting while driving, many states have barred drivers from using mobile communication devices. Even with the… Continue Reading

Commercial Auto Insurance Dominated By Travelers

Post Date March 22, 2013 – Travelers Group is now the largest commercial auto insurance company in the United States. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) now indicates Travelers Commercial Auto Insurance is the largest insurer of business cars, trucks and over the road trackers in america.  Over 25 commercial auto insurance companies were… Continue Reading

Electronic Proof Of Auto Insurance Available In TX

Post Date March 15, 2013 – Electronic proof of auto insurance  is sweeping it’s way across the country.  Texas may be the  next  state to approve the use of electronic proof of car insurance coverage in the U.S.  Carrying a car insurance ID  in the State of Texas is as an important as carrying a… Continue Reading

Texting While Driving Ban Faces Challenges

Post Date March 4, 2013 – PA Police officers who are tasked to enforce a new law prohibiting Pennsylvania drivers from texting while diving or using their cellphones while having their hands on the steering wheel expressed difficulty in implementing such law. Texting while driving was imposed in the state of Pennsylvania just a few… Continue Reading

Oregon Car Insurance Will Increase For Texting/Driving

Post Date March 2, 2012 – With only two dissenting members, the Oregon Senate pushed forward new laws  last month which were originally proposed by the Senate’s  President proposing much more rigid penalties against drivers who are caught using there cellphones while driving a car  in the state of Oregon. Of course these new laws… Continue Reading

Car Insurance Rates Studied

Post Date  February 11, 2013 – Auto insurance industry players are up against the recent car insurance rates study released by the Consumer Federation of America (CFA), saying that their study is flawed.  The car insurance rates studied were released by the consumer advocacy group based in Washington D.C. in the last week of January… Continue Reading

Auto Insurance In Pennsylvania Increases As Fraud Spikes

Post Date February 9, 2012 – The Pennsylvania Insurance Fraud Prevention Authority (IFPA) had reported recently that the number of fraud cases which effected auto insurance in Pennsylvania increased last year, hitting a new yearly high.  In 2012, there are over 3000 cases of insurance fraud covering different lines of insurance including auto insurance in… Continue Reading

Unpaid Insurance Claims In NJ – Still A Problem

Post Date February 4, 2013 – New Jersey Homeowners Insurance Company Claim Departments are still plagued with unpaid insurance claims.  Sadly; the majority of the unpaid insurance claims are from damage produced from Superstorm Sandy.  Both state officials and those customers with unpaid insurance claims would like it if the process sped up.  Aside from… Continue Reading

Missouri Auto Insurance Policies Dropped In Error

Post Date February 2, 2013 – A Missouri auto insurance premium finance company responsible for financing Assigned Risk Missouri auto insurance policies;  recently agreed to pay fines in excess of  $40,000.  The finance company prematurely cancelled  a fair number of State Assigned Missouri auto insurance policies.  Many people don’t understand what a State Assigned Auto… Continue Reading

Missouri Auto Insurance Companies Repay $10 Million

Post Date February 1, 2013 – In excess of $1o million dollars were paid to Missouri Auto Insurance customers who filed for additional claim payments before the Department of Insurance – Insurance Consumer Affairs Division, against their insurers last year. Complaints among those whom purchase Missouri auto insurance have the second-highest number of complaints in… Continue Reading