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Category Archives: Homeowner’s Insurance

Dentists To Carry Malpractice Insurance In Pennsylvania

As many of us are aware; purchasing insurance is required to participate in a number of activities.  If you want to own and drive a car you must purchase auto insurance.  The same is true if you own a Motorcycle or Watercraft.  If you purchase and maintain a mortgage on a house, you are required by… Continue Reading

Ohio Insurers Register Astronomical Losses From May Storms

The end of the storm-ridden quarter saw Ohioans and their insurers grappling with yet more rigorous rounds of storms leading to massive damage and losses.  A report complied after a statewide preliminaries show that homeowners & renters insurance companies incurred losses in excess of $400 million just within the last week of May 2011.  The… Continue Reading

PA, NJ, DE and OH Residents Price Earthquake Coverage

 As most of us whom live on the east coast are aware,  last week an unusual earthquake hit the state of Virginia which was felt as far north as Niagara Falls Canada.  The event left many on the east coast engrossed in uncertainty of not knowing when this type of event may strike again and what damage they could incur during the next event.  In addition,  these same residents are… Continue Reading

Michigan Educates Residents About Home and Auto Insurance

Michigan residents are now being urged to learn more about home and auto insurance coverage through radio announcements by the Office of Financial and Insurance Regulation (OFIR). The OFIR has taken this bold and proactive step to educate consumers all over the state on the importance of insurance and to provide valuable information about the best and most affordable rates… Continue Reading

New Plan To Overhaul New Jersey Auto Insurance Regulations

Due to the steadily rising costs of the New Jersey auto insurance personal injury protection (PIP) rates, local insurance New Jersey regulators seek to make much needed changes to the New Jersey auto insurance system. Governor Chris Christie presented the changes in a proposal released last month August 1, 2011 The changes in the proposal would require New Jersey car… Continue Reading

Home Insurance Study Shows Improved Customer Satisfaction Among Insurers

In their 2011 National Homeowners and Auto Insurance study, J.D. Power and Associates reported that customers are more satisfied with their home insurance providers this year compared to last year. Despite this major improvement, satisfaction of ones homeowners insurance, renters Insurance and car insurance companies was still below the study completed in the 2008-2009 study. As the President and… Continue Reading

Berskhire’s National Adds New Twist To Auto Insurance Empire

On Friday August 26 2001, Transatlantic Holdings initiated agreements with National Indemnity, a unit of Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway regarding a $3.2 billion takeover option and thus adding a new surprise in the battle for reinsurers. This option will add another valuable component to Berkshire’s holdings which also includes GEICO Auto Insurance Company’s Cavemen and adorable Gecko. GEICO’s car… Continue Reading

Classic Car Insurance Deals for Traditional Antique Car Owners

As most Car Insurance Customers are aware, the agents and customer service personnel in our Home Office National Call Center in Lansdale, Pennsylvania receive the best customer service in the insurance industry. Where Auto Insurance and Homeowners/Renters Insurance products and service are our #1 products, has been insuring Classic Cars since near 1995.  There are many different types of classic… Continue Reading offices Shake From Earthquake

On Tuesday August 30, 2011,  a strong earthquake rattled the East Coast of the US starting in the State of Virginia. The earthquake was so strong that it could be felt as far as Pennsylvania and inside the corporate offices of in Lansdale, PA which is 35 miles northeast of Philadelphia and all the way to Canada. The… Continue Reading

Two New Insurance Companies in Maine

As a nationally licensed insurance broker writes Auto & Homeowners Insurance throughout the United States.  The state of Maine is an insurance market which is looking to expand.  If you are a licensed driver in the State of Maine and your shopping for car insurance, give us a call at our Toll-Free 1-800 Quote… Continue Reading