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Missouri Auto Insurance Companies Repay $10 Million

Post Date February 1, 2013 – In excess of $1o million dollars were paid to Missouri Auto Insurance customers who filed for additional claim payments before the Department of Insurance – Insurance Consumer Affairs Division, against their insurers last year. Complaints among those whom purchase Missouri auto insurance have the second-highest number of complaints in… Continue Reading

PIP Auto Insurance Is A Favorite Among Fraudsters

Post Date January 30, 2013 – A study by the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) shows U.S. States which have personal injury protection (PIP) insurance coverage as part of their no-fault auto insurance policy form have a higher chance of insurance fraud through fake insurance claims.  States with no-fault auto insurance have PIP auto insurance… Continue Reading

Fake Car Insurance Claims Filed By Creeps

Post Date January 29, 2013 – Car Insurance Companies in the state of New Jersey are very concerned over the explosion of fake car insurance claims being filed in the Garden State.  New Jersey prosecutors had a meeting recently to say no to fake car insurance claims.  These fake car insurance claims have flooded the… Continue Reading

Ohio Drivers License Pulled For Being An Idiot

Post Date January 28, 2013 – A driver from Ohio who was recently caught on camera driving her car on the sidewalk.  Although under normal circumstances driving on the side would be considered foolish; in this situation the driver was an idiot.  In fact, the Ohio Drivers license was suspended for a particular stupid driving… Continue Reading

Unlicensed Insurance Agents Sell Insurance Illegally

Post Date January 27, 2012 – Law enforcement all over the United States are dealing with the issue issue of unlicensed insurance agents and websites selling insurance products. Sadly; this is a subject which I have Blogged about time and time again.  Florida is the latest state to come down hard on the unlicensed insurance charlatans. Florida… Continue Reading

Michigan Auto Insurance; So Cheap – It’s Fake

Post Date January 26, 2013 –  Michigan’s Office of Financial and Insurance Regulation (OFIR)  recently informed Michigan vehicle operators  and Michigan Auto Insurance buyers the Michigan Auto Insurance Policy the just purchase is not worth the paper it’s printed on.  The fake Michigan auto insurance policies were sold by an unlicensed seller.  The Michigan Department… Continue Reading

Car Insurance Claims Are Pushing 230,000

Post Date January 22, 2012 – Super Storm Sandy is still causing havoc on the car insurance claims community. Regardless  how many wheels your vehicle had, be it a Car, truck, trailer, car insurance claims are being filed. Sandy hit the East Coast hard the last week of October.  Car insurance claims for all types of vehicles are… Continue Reading

NJ Auto Insurance Fraud If You Fib To Your Agent

Post Date January 21, 2013 – New Jersey Law Makers are pushing a new bill which would prosecute those NJ Auto Insurance Buyers  whom lie on their NJ Auto Insurance Applications.  The #1 reason NJ Auto Insurance buyers do not tell the truth to a NJ Auto Insurance Agent is to lower their Rates.  Reverse rate… Continue Reading

New Car Insurance Comparison Booklet Goes Bye Bye

Post Date January 17, 2013 –  A law cancelling the requirement for new car dealers to provide a federally issued new car  insurance comparison booklet has now been signed into law by President Barack Obama recently. New car buyers will no longer handed the  New Car Insurance Booklet, titled “Relative Collision Insurance Cost Information”.  The… Continue Reading