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Georgia Auto Insurance Carriers Warn About Sandy-Damaged Vehicles

Post Date December 12, 2012 – Georgia Auto Insurance Agents  are warning both new and used car buyers to look-out for flooded vehicles being sold in the used cars market. The Georgia Auto Insurance agents alert was issued shortly after Hurricane Sandy.  It’s commonly known among Georgia auto insurance companies are many flood-damaged vehicles are… Continue Reading

Hurricane Sandy Insurance Claims “Out Of Control”

Post Date December 8, 2012 – Although Hurricane Sandy has long past;  the after effects remain. Hurricane Sandy is now creating a storm of insurance claims and complaints from insurance consumers. Policyholders throughout the state of New Jersey are begging their state insurance regulators to intervene and force their auto insurance, homeowners insurance and flood… Continue Reading

Cheap Auto Insurance And Electric Cars Don’t Mix

Post Date November 28, 2012 – To hear all the Cable News Pundents on CNN, MSNBC ect – even the White House; electric vehicles or EV’s are so revolutionary they will save the economy and the environment.  Really?? They are continuously praised for all their positive aspects such as being environmental friendly and energy-efficient.  We… Continue Reading

NJ Auto Insurance Claims Soar On Black Friday

Post Date November 27, 2012 –  Although Black Friday sounds like a very ominous and scary day, it also marks the start of the Christmas shopping season. It the day when most shoppers embark on a journey of taking advantage of promotional sales offered by every retailer. Black Friday is the one day of the year… Continue Reading

New Jersey Insurance Agent Bribes Mayor

Post Date November 26, 2012 –  John Bencivengo, Mayor of Hamilton Township, New Jersey was convicted on November 22,  2012 in connection with nearly$13,000 in bribes that he solicited in exchange for his influence for a New Jersey Insurance Agent.  The bribe was in connection to the townships group health insurance contract  with the Hamilton… Continue Reading

Identity Theft: Online and On The Street

Post Date November 21, 2012 –  Identity theft is the type crime where the perpetrators have become very creative in their craft to prey on unsuspecting victims. If you have been a regular reader of  my Blog, you know I have broached this subject in the past.  Beyond being taken advantage by unlicensed auto insurance… Continue Reading

Best Rates On Car Insurance Found In Ohio

Post Date November 20, 2012 – Looking for a new state to move too? Wondering where in the U.S. you could potentially save the most money on your auto insurance? The best rates on car insurance can be found in the State of Ohio.  A recent study indicated among all the U.S  states studied, the… Continue Reading

Hurricane Sandy Takes It’s Toll on Thousands Of Boats

Post Date November 19, 2012 – The United States Boat Owner’s Association announced last week more than 70,000 power boats, sail boats and jet ski’s were either damaged or sunk when Hurricane Sandy his the east coast two weeks ago. Hurricane Sandy and the winds it brought to New Jersey, New York and the other states… Continue Reading

Auto Insurance Agent Steals From Hollywood Celebs

Post Date November 16, 2012 – Here we go again!  Once again a thieving auto insurance agent which makes me sick.  With all the new auto insurance new auto insurance websites on the world wide web, Insurance customers should be concerned where they buy their insurance policies.  Regardless if it’s for homeowners or or any… Continue Reading