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Local Insurance Agent Answers For Missing Payments

Post Date September 18, 2012 – I don’t understand theft! People who steal are scum in my opinion.  That may be a little harsh, but it’s true.  If there are two acts I can’t stand most of all, it’s stealing and lying.  When they are perpetrated by those in any business, it’s makes me very angry.… Continue Reading

NJ Commercial Truck Insurance Pays Death Claim

Post Date September 17, 2012 –  Even though our New Jersey streets, roads and highways are primarily used by private passenger cars and SUV’s, their use by NJ commercial vehicles pay much of the annual revenue to maintain these roadways.  Sometimes when both cars and trucks occupy the same roadway space, accidents happen.  Although every… Continue Reading

Truck Insurance Policy To Pay PA Turnpike Spill

Post Date September 15, 2012 – A Federal Court Judge ordered a Texas Insurance Company to pay for the major clean-up from a tarry type material one of their client spilled all over the Pennsylvania Turnpike in 2011.  A claim of such magnitude of such a claim will cause the truck insurance rates of any… Continue Reading

What’s Not Covered By New Jersey Car Insurance

Post Date September 14, 2012 – Anyone whom follows my daily Blog knows I’m committed to a wide range of state specific auto insurance subjects including New Jersey Car Insurance stories.  Although I have Blogged about what is included in a New Jersey car insurance policy, it’s important I point out what a New Jersey Car… Continue Reading

Texting While Driving Now A Crime In South Dakota’s Biggest City

Post Date September 13, 2012 –  Anyone whom has read my auto insurance industry Blog;   is well aware of my position on both the use of hand-held cell phones and texting while driving a car or truck.  Although a number of states have banned the use of hand-held devices for the use of texting while… Continue Reading

State Farm Auto Insurance Sued for Emotional Distress

Post Date September 12, 2012 – If you ever wonder why auto insurance rates seem to be so high;  today’s post will help you understand.  Frivolous law suits are a major contributor to rising auto insurance rates.  A recent ruling for the highest count in the state of Tennessee is an example of the problem.… Continue Reading

Homeowners Insurance In Louisiana Has Been Granted A New Allie

Post Date September 11, 2012 – Homeowners Insurance In Louisiana is really no different that Homeowners Insurance in other US States.  Louisiana Insurance Department Chief, Mr. Jim Donelon, Enacted  “Emergency Rule 26” which  provides financial protection and help to customers of Homeowners Insurance in Louisiana.  Rule 26 was enacted last week on September 4th.  Since it… Continue Reading

Electronic Proof Of Auto Insurance Is The Future

Post Date September 10, 2012 –As Cell and Smartphone technology becomes more and more useful for both business and family use; it’s quite possible a Smartphone will become more important than family car. Smartphones do a number of amazing things beside making telephone calls.   The list is long and growing.  Your smartphone is an… Continue Reading

Auto Insurance Claims: When Is An Appropriate Time To File

Post Date September 8, 2012 –  Anyone whom is either insured with us or follow my Blog know we are licensed to sell auto insurance and many other insurance products.  Although its very important we sell new auto insurance policies every day, those whom already have and auto insurance policy and have been involved in… Continue Reading

Homeowners Insurance Coverage Vital For College Students Dorm Rooms

Post Date September 7, 2012 – As the beaches become less crowed  as the end of summer comes to a close; parents all over the commonwealth have education on their minds.  Moms and Dads all over the state are packing up their teens up and taking them to colleges and universities all over the State… Continue Reading