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State Minimum Car Insurance In Illinois Law Passes

Post Date August 9, 2013 – The House of Representative has just approved a bill to increase the state  minimum car insurance in Illinois .  Presently, the state minimum car insurance in Illinois stands at a $55,000 total for a single accident. This amount is being broken down in sections. $20,000 liability coverage for bodily… Continue Reading

Homeowners Insurance Questions And Answers

Post Date August 4, 2013 – Misconceptions about homeowners insurance or homeowners insurance questions and answers is common among  insurance consumers.  In this post, we will discuss some of these misconceptions that tend to confuse consumers and the Homeowners Insurance Questions and Answers.  According to the survey conducted by the Princeton Survey Research Associates International… Continue Reading

New Jersey Drunk Driving Accident Get’s Man 7 Years

Post Date July 30, 2013 – A Middletown man charged with a New Jersey Drunk Driving Accident receives an appropriate sentence. The New Jersey drunk driving accident caused a fatal accident killing a Middletown man and injuring three others at the Garden State Parkway, New Jersey. The Drunk Driver was sentenced to 7 years imprisonment… Continue Reading

Best Car Insurance Rates For 2014 “Top Safety Pick”

Post Date July 10, 2013 – Subaru’s 2014 Forester topped the Insurance Institute For Highway Safety (IIHS) crash tests, scoring “good” in all of its tests to make itself dubbed as the safest SUV model and also topping the “Top Safety Pick+”. Along with the “Top Safety Pick” reward, the institute is also providing for… Continue Reading

Ohio Car Insurance Rates May Increase

Ohio Car Insurance Rates May Increase

Post Date 6/24/2013 – Ohio car insurance rates may increase for 71 vehicle-train crashes which occurred  last year.  The data  was collected and reported by the Ohio Public Utilities Commission. 10%  of these 71 crashes resulted in the death to 9 people, 20% in severe injuries. The report also showed that more than 50% of… Continue Reading

New Jersey Homeowners Grants Now Available

Post Date June 7, 2013 – New Jersey Homeowners devastated by Superstorm Sandy are now eligible for Grants to help rebuild and repair their homes. The state of New Jersey recently begun accepting grant applications for those New Jersey homeowners who were affected by the storm in 2012. The grants are intended to assist NJ homeowners… Continue Reading

Ticket for DUI Can Have Lessor Effect On Your Auto Insurance

Post Date May 30, 2013 – Although accidents can increase your auto insurance rates, ticket for DUI will have a lessor effect on the same rates.  In many cases, auto insurance rates can increase to around twenty percent or more, depending on the weight of your misconduct.  Even though traffic violations can increase one’s auto… Continue Reading

Oklahoma Homeowners Insurance To Pay $2 Billion

Post Date May 25, 2013 –  Oklahoma Homeowners Insurance will pay more than two billion dollars in damages after a  tornado batters an Oklahoma suburb, killing more than 20 people.  The Oklahoma Department of Insurance stated the official preliminary estimated claims were based on assessments in the areas damaged by the tornado which touched down… Continue Reading

North Carolina Auto Insurance Due For Overhaul

Post Date May 17, 2013 –  The changes to the North Carolina auto insurance  system were turned down last week  at the NC House of Representative committee level.  The proposal was recommended to allow North Carolina auto insurance companies to individually control their premiums.  This will give them the ability to raise or lower them by… Continue Reading