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The State of Ohio was the 6th auto insurance and homeowners insurance market the agents of entered in 2006. This was an easy choice for the company’s President & Managing Agent to make because of Ohio’s proximity to the western part of’s home state of Pennsylvania, Dortch’s agents were receiving calls from Ohio Drivers whom worked over the state-line in Pennsylvania. Because of’s extensive network of telephone directories throughout Pennsylvania; many of these phone directories were finding their way into the Ohio insurance marketplace resulting in both Auto Insurance and Homeowners Insurance quote requests from Ohioan’s wanting to know how could help them save money. Now a licensed Auto Insurance Agent in the State of Ohio, can now offer its large selection of car insurance carriers to the residents of Ohio. Representing the nation’s top 30 auto insurance and homeowners insurance carriers, you can be confident we will find you the best price and coverage available anywhere. When you purchase auto insurance coverage in Ohio, make sure you buy adequate limits to protect your assets.

The laws which govern the State of Ohio require any legally registered motor vehicle to carry Auto Insurance or what the state government refers to as financial responsibility. Most of the states in the United States of America require car owners to maintain a minimum amount of auto insurance coverage or financial responsibility. The following will explain in detail the requirements under Ohio State Law.

Financial Responsibility

In the state of Ohio, it is illegal to operate any type of motor vehicle without insurance or some other proof of financial responsibility (FR). It is also wrong or illegal for you to allow anyone you know to use your vehicle without carrying auto insurance or what the state deems an adequate amount of financial responsibility. To meet the minimum Financial Responsibility requirements in the State of Ohio, Ohio Residents must buy auto insurance or purchase a bond which equals the same amount of coverage. Listed below are both coverage types are detailed below.

Since I am required to obtain insurance, what type of Auto Insurance coverage is required?

Ohio law requires the following for insurance coverage:

  • If a person buys auto insurance, the state of Ohio requires the Ohio resident to buy Bodily Injury Liability Coverage and Property Damage Liability Coverage.
  • An auto insurance liability insurance policy. Ohio Auto Insurance cards are issued by Auto Insurance insurer to the policyholder for each car insured under a motor vehicle liability insurance policy;
  • A certificate of proof of financial responsibility or Auto Insurance Identification Card printed on a form prescribed by the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV).

Since I am required to obtain auto insurance or show proof of Financial Responsibility (FR), how much are the minimum required Auto Insurance coverage limits requirements in the State of Ohio?

In the state of Ohio the required minimum auto insurance coverage limits for Bodily Injury Liability Coverage is $12,500 per person injured in any one auto accident and $25,000 for all persons injured in any one auto accident.

The State of Ohio minimum required limits for Property Damage Liability Coverage is $7,500 for injury to or damage of personal property of others in any one accident.

Should you purchase more coverage than the Ohio State minimum amount required by law?

Sure you should if the value of your assets and personal property are determined to be higher than the amount of the auto insurance coverage limits you carry. Ensuring you have high enough auto insurance coverage limits to protect you and your assets in the event of a serious accident is a wise thing to do. If your limits are not high enough and your auto insurance coverage is not adequate, Ohio state law allows the victim of an auto insurance accident to file suit against the at fault driver’s assets in order to recover the costs of any damages that occur.

What could possibly happen to me if I get into an at fault accident and I only have an Auto Insurance policy with only state minimum limits?

Bottom line, you will be held legally responsible to pay the victim for any damages which are not covered by your auto insurance policy. This would include medical bills, repairs to any personal property. If your policy does not have enough coverage limits, the court could take your home, car and other assets to pay the damages. If that is not enough, your present and future pay check could be garnished as well. If your kid was driving a car that was underinsured and was in an accident, they too would be held responsible for any damages and could face significant debt. You and your family could end up paying for one accident for the rest of your life!

I have very limited income and can only afford minimum coverage. What can I do?

Ohio has the 13th lowest auto insurance rates in the country. You can call around to several different companies and get quotes or you can make on call to and get them all.

Questions or Concerns?

The Ohio Department of Insurance regulates agents and companies that are licensed to sell insurance in Ohio. The Department’s consumer Services representatives can answer your insurance question and investigate your complaints about an insurance company or agent. Call 1-800-686-1526.

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