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Pittsburgh PA Auto Insurance Rates

Pittsburgh Car Insurance
Pittsburgh PA Auto Insurance

Many people don’t realize this but, started as a local Main Street Insurance Agency in North Wales, PA. Although the agency was established in December of 1992, opened our first office in January 1993. I spent the first week of January painting our little two room office. After working the local area for a year, I placed one of our first Directory Telephone Book advertisement in Pittsburgh in February of 1994.  At the time, the only major telephone directory serving the Pittsburgh was the Bell of Pennsylvania Superpages.  It was really rewarding marketing affordable Pittsburgh PA Auto insurance quotes to the western part of state from our small office in North Wales, PA.  We were offering Pittsburgh PA auto insurance and homeowners insurance products which were not available in the Pittsburgh area at that time.  One carrier in particular offered the lowest auto liability  insurance rates than any other low-cost Pittsburgh PA auto insurance carrier in Pennsylvania.  Since it was a Philadelphia based company, they had no Bargain auto  and Homeowners insurance agent representation in the western part of the state. If you are not from Pennsylvania, North Wales is a small town 35 miles South east of Philadelphia.  I grew up in North Wales so working there felt like home.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is the second-largest city in the state.  The population of Pittsburgh  is about 300,000.  While Pittsburgh is known for the steel industry, healthcare, education, technology,  financial services dominate the financial landscape. Many insurance companies are located in the Pittsburgh which underwrite Pittsburgh PA auto insurance.  Since the downturn of the steel industry, there are no longer any steel mills within the city limits of Pittsburgh. The city has done a very good job of redeveloping the industrial sites with new houses,  shopping malls and  office complexes.

Although Pittsburgh faces a severe  economic crisis; the housing market stayed relatively stable even though the subprime mortgage crisis has made an impact.  The city is also  headquarters to a number major global financial institutions including PNC Bank,  Federated Investors and BNY Mellon.

Pittsburgh PA Auto Insurance Rates represents the nations top 30 auto insurance carriers.  One call to our Lansdale, PA office will save you time and money. Not only will we offer you a Pittsburgh car insurance in Pittsburgh and the Pittsburgh area, you don’t even need to leave your home.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover , American Express and all Debit Cards.  If you don’t have a Credit or Debit Card, you can go to your closest Walmart Location and send a payment via MoneyGram.

Last but not least is Western Union.  Through a special arrangement with Western Union, you can send your auto insurance down payment or your monthly payment via Quick Collect directly to our Home Office.

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