1-800 Numbers And Being An Auto Insurance Broker

*Note: This post is intended for the 800 website.

Are you considering a career in the auto insurance industry and want to sell insurance as an independent agent or broker? Auto insurance brokerage is just like retailing auto insurance, and this can be a profitable business in your locality.

This post is to provide a general idea for individuals who wish to venture into auto insurance brokerage. However, actual steps in going into this business may vary from state to state as each state has its own standard regulations to follow.

If you really are serious in going into this business, then first you must get yourself educated on the insurance industry. You may do this by enrolling and completing a college insurance course, or least, have a relative administrative-level experience on this industry for five years or more

Now that you are already acquainted in this industry, for you to legally sell insurance in your state, you must be licensed to do so. Take your state’s insurance broker licensure examination and passed it. You may check with your state’s department of insurance as to particular instructions in applying for an insurance license.

After securing your insurance license, you are now set to broker auto insurance in your locality. And the most feasible way to do this is to spread effective announcements in your locale and put up an auto insurance website where you can advertise and sell auto insurance.

As a tip for starting a auto insurance broker, you must be able to provide your prospective customers means of contacting you – where they can inquire about what you sell and ultimately have them buy one.

With this, comes the role of putting up a toll-free 1-800 number where your customers can easily call you. Have a toll-free number and put this up on all your advertisements. Don’t just simply put these numbers on your website, your posters and flyers. Put them in such a way that a customer can easily spot them. Put them not only once but twice, preferably on the upper and lower spots to make it a point that your customers will be able to see them since they start reading your website or announcement up to its end.

Toll-free 1-800 numbers can do magic for you as a new auto insurance broker who is just starting up your business. By having a toll-free number, it will not take long before you would start receiving those calls and making those sales.