Renters Insurance For Free

Post Update August 1, 2012 – You’ve no doubt heard the saying “there’s no such thing as a free lunch. “But is that really true?  If I told you that you could get a renters insurance policy which would protect everything you own in your apartment, virtually free, would you believe me? You should, or you’re going to miss out. Many auto insurance buyers are simply not aware of the existence of Auto/Renters Package Policies or Bundle.   Although most carriers offer one, they don’t promote them heavily because they really don’t like giving anything away for free.

"Renters Insurance"

Renters Insurance For Free

Renters Insurance Bundle

Just because you don’t own your home does not mean you can’t buy a package policy which covers both your car and the contents of your apartment or rented house from fire and burglary. A renters insurance policies covers your clothes, televisions, computers, and furniture. You are also covered for personal liability. This is very important.  If you have a party at your apartment and someone slips and falls inside or outside your rented home or apartment, the injured party has the right to sue you for negligence even if you have not done anything  to cause their pain and suffering.  Another example; if you server beer or alcohol in your home and your guest leaves and is involved in an automobile accident.  Not only can the party participant sue you, so can and occupant of the other car. A renters insurance policy will financially protect you against these type of perils. So let’s get back to the free part. If you buy both your Auto insurance and Renters insurance from us, the discount you receive on both the car and Renters policy pretty much equals what you would pay for the cost of the renters policy alone. Sounds like a free lunch to me.


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