General Motors And MetLife Auto Offer Free Auto Insurance Coverage

For quite a long time uninsured drivers have been a nuisance to the authorities in California.  As a result General Motors are starting a pilot program that will see drivers buying a new car also receive auto insurance coverage as part of the deal.

The pilot project which will be carried out in Washington and Oregon is a partnership between General Motor and MetLife and aims to provide insurance coverage by providing buyers of certain brands of GM vehicles with free auto insurance coverage.

The generous package is well above the minimum coverage requirements in both states and will insure the vehicle owner against physical damage and liability. Specific vehicles that will benefit from this scheme include trucks or crossover, Chevrolet, Cadillac , Buick  and GMC.  However, it is restricted to 2010, 2011, and 2012 models purchased through September 6, 2011.

The move, according to Chris Perry, U.S. vice president of General Motors marketing, is aimed at making these models more appealing to potential buyers. He said: “We want to give residents of Oregon and Washington another reason to discover Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac vehicles.” GM hopes that it will be able to rope in more customers by throwing in auto insurance liability and physical damage coverage as a freebie.

To sweeten the deal, the coverage will cover anyone driving the car with the owner’s consent and it gets better as if the vehicle is involved in an accident within the first year of purchase or before attaining 15,000 miles, the insurer—MetLife Auto and Home—will turn a blind eye on the depreciation factor when compensating the owner for damages which could be either repairing the car or replacing it with a brand new one. However, this will only happen if the vehicle has not changed ownership during that period. What this means is that the owner will not have to pay a cent if the vehicle meets any or both of those conditions. After the one year period, policy holders can either opt to renew the policy with MetLife or choose to move their business to another insurer. One draw back of the policy is that it is not available for certain commercial vehicles and certain fleet vehicles.

Keep in mind the auto insurance coverage is for the first year of ownership.  Where you have an option of renewing the Metlife Auto & Homeowners Insurance ; many drivings will not qualify for the contining coverage.  It’s vital you call at (800) 807-0762 to receive quotes for the nations top 30 auto insurance carriers.  The bottom-line is; if we can’t offer you a cheaper car insurance rate at, you won’t be able to find a cheap auto insurance rate anywhere – PERIOD.

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Women Are More Distracted Behind The Wheel Than Men, Study Reveals

A recent study by one of the car insurance companies represented by has revealed that more women than men are distracted while driving on American roads. Some of the peculiar habits that are rampant among female drivers include: applying makeup, texting, taking photos, changing songs on multimedia devices, adjusting GPS settings and eating while driving. While my wife is not happy I have chosen this discussion for today’s post, Sue can’t dispute the story and the serious nature of the subject.  She also admitted to me she is does not allow herself to become distracted behind the wheel and those whom are guilty of being distracted should consider the safety of others. 

The study ran parallel with another one that tested drivers’ knowledge about state road rules. The findings were indeed shocking as the given figures show: 

  •  52% of women drivers admitted that they normally eat while driving. This is a 25% rise compared to the year 2010. 44% of men admitted to doing the same.
  • 83% of women drivers admit to texting especially when they stop at red lights. 71% of men said that they do the same.
  • 38% of women drivers claimed that they rarely engage in activities which might distract their driving. 46% of men also claimed the same. 

The figures above represent a horrible trend that is widespread in the US. As a result, the Department of Transport has been forced to step up its campaign to reduce this dreadful habit.  The DOT sponsored a crackdown on cell phone use on the road in Syracuse, New York and Harford, Connecticut last year. The Syracuse crackdown took place in April, July, October 2010, and again in April of 2011. Spotters were hired to observe the behavior as a flurry of tickets was issued to those found guilty of the offense.  Law enforcement agencies issued more than 9,500 tickets in the counties of Syracuse and Onondaga.

In July this year, the New York Commissioner of Motor vehicles announced a 32% decrease in cell phone usage on the road following the revamped efforts to curb the menace. The pilot program witnessed better results in Hartford were cell phone use by drivers cut back by 57%. The DOT plans to launch the program statewide.

According to the National Highway Safety Administration, 20% of road crashes with serious injuries reported in 2009 were as a direct result of distracted driving. This has made it almost impossible to obtain cheap car insurance quotes in many states.

If you have received a Citation for using a cell phone or been convicted of other distracted driving issues, your auto insurance may have been increased by your carrier. represents many auto insurance carriers which surcharge  less or not at all for these infractions. Once call to  (800) 807-0762 will provide you quotes for the nations top 30 auto insurance companies.  If you can’t save money with us, you can’t save money anywhere -PERIOD!

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ATI Acquires Trustway Insurance In Georgia

In a move that will expand Auto Town Insurance’s holdings in Georgia, (ATI Auto Insurance) the company has closed on a deal for acquisition of all the locations previously run by Trustway Insurance Agency in Georgia. It is an acquisition that will add to ATI all locations in the state that were under Trustway Insurance Agency, LLC which is an arm of Assurance America Corporation. According to the terms of the acquisition agreement, ATI will still provide auto insurance under Auto Town and Trustway brands. None of the other transaction details were disclosed but nevertheless this new acquisition makes ATI the largest non-standard insurance company in Georgia. Auto Town Insurance is currently among the largest independent agencies in the Southeast and with the acquisition of Trustway Insurance, the company is expected to strengthen its foothold in the region by providing cheap insurance quotes online. It provides quality car insurance cover at an affordable price.

The company is based in Norcross, Georgia and has been providing its customers with affordable corporate and individual insurance services since 1970. Its policy has always been to guarantee customers with the best auto insurance rates in the market. It currently operates 45 customer service retail stores in the states of Georgia, Alabama, and in South Carolina too. ATI President, Dustin Walsey commented on the acquisition of Georgia’s Trustway Insurance Agency by terming it as “a critical component in the company’s expansion plans.” He further stated that the acquisition will extend the firm’s reach into the market which will be beneficial to ATI’s customers and enable the company to offer better value and improved services. Walsey described ATI’s goal of continued growth through acquisition of more convenient and lucrative locations to provide better and fairly priced products for its customers. Emanuel Fialkow, the company’s chairman added to the president’s comments by calling the acquisition the beginning of ATI’s growth and expansion which is expected to continue Southeast in the coming 18 to 24 months through acquisition of more independent auto insurance agencies.

The company is famous for its same day coverage provision in a simple and fast process. It has always pursued a policy of expansion as a means of better service provision. writes auto insurance and homeowners Insurance in the State of Georgia.  To receive auto insurance quotes for the top 30 car insurance carriers in the nation, call (800) 807-0762.

Cheap Auto Insurance Company Considerations


Finding a cheap auto insurance company is not as easy  as some insurance agents would want you to believe. Part of this has to do with the fact that no two firms are alike as different firms use different set of limits and method to work out the amount of premiums to levy on customers in different locations.

Insurance companies stay in business by ensuring what they pay in claims is less than the auto insurance premiums charged to their clients. Therefore for the equation to balance, areas designated as high risk auto insurance areas pay higher premiums than the low risk areas. The different areas are mapped out using actuarial science which is usually a very accurate means of assessment. This is one reason it is important for customers to carry out research and compare auto insurance quotes online  and car auto insurance agencies like whom represent at  two dozen auto insurance  companies in order to find the most suitable vehicle insurance and price that meets your needs.

Factors used to decide the amount of premiums to be levied include:

  1. The Applicant’s age
  2. The Applicant’s driving record
  3. Type of vehicle
  4. Applicant’s marital status
  5. Applicant’s Driving Experience

By being aware of these factors, you could use them to negotiate for cheap auto insurance. For instance; a young driver with a limited amount of driving experience would usually be expected to pay higher premiums than a more mature experienced driver with a clean driving record but, there are some auto insurers who would offer discounts to the younger driver provided he takes safety driving classes.

Another important factor which most people tend to overlook is the driving needs and the average total mileage covered per year. If you do not do a lot of driving then it is only fair that you pay a lesser amount than someone like a business person who is always behind the wheel all the time. A good insurance agent like will advise you on the best policy to fit your lifestyle.

In order to get paired with the most suitable auto insurer, either make a few phone calls or get cheap auto insurance quotes online from a number of sites and then pick the most suitable for you. Note that you will have to produce proof of vehicle ownership before the policy can be processed and mailed to you.

For those using leased vehicles, they would have to satisfy the leasing company insurance needs for insurance coverage. Most of the leasing companies demand higher than normal insurance coverage because they need to sure that they asset would be fully protected in case of an accident or if the vehicle is stolen.

– Mike and your Family Car Insurance

Your Car Insurance needs constantly evolve throughout life. The insurance requirements of a young single person differ from family car insurance needs. A single person can be fine with basic automobile coverage. Families on the other hand need increased limits on their auto insurance Policy especially if their kids have just started driving. It’s important to protect your assets. Youthful operators have limited experience when it comes to driving your family car.  Although you should always carry higher auto insurance liability limits when you extensive assets to protect;  being a responsible parent also mean carrying higher limits to financially protect other drivers on the road. 

Regardless of your present circumstances, you need to obtain appropriate and affordable vehicle insurance when you own and drive a car.  Purchasing auto insurance becomes the priority in this situation. When you head out to shop for direct car insurance for your family, its important shop for the best price and it’s important to shop with a legitimate licensed auto insurance web-site. You will need to compare auto insurance quotes online or make a phone call to that broker to get a clear picture of what carriers are available.

The same case applies if you wish to switch insurance carriers for your automobile. There are various reasons that may prompt such a move. Probably you feel that your current insurer overcharges you. The insurer may not be flexible enough to accommodate the needs of your growing family. They may also have poor customer services such as slow processing of claims. Another reason that may prompt you to change insurers is when you receive a better offer from another direct auto insurance companies. 

The internet has brought many changes in the way insurance business is done.  Currently, it is possible to receive cheap auto insurance quotes online.  Some shoppers feel this is faster than making real phone calls to individual insurance companies to compare quotes.  Unfortunately; most of these online car insurance websites  only offer an online form to complete. You may think this is for your convenience – I can assure you this may be true for some,  but not true for most. Try as you may, you can’t find a phone number anywhere on their sites.  Why do you think that is. I know, they don’t want to talk to you.  Why would that be?  The reason they don’t have a contact phone number to call is; they are not a real insurance company or insurance agent.  These sites merely collect your personal private information and sell it to the highest bidder.  All the nonsense you read on the sites about how happy their customer are or how long they have been in the auto insurance or homeowners insurance business is written to deceive you and is untrue.  

When you contact by calling (800) 807-0762; not only do we offer you multiple auto quotes, we also offer great discounts fo you and your family on their auto insurance coverage. For instance, you can receive discounts for having more than one policy with   

Many don’t know you can also receive discounts if you carpool with your neighbors or take public transportation occasionally. Safety features such as airbags and car alarms may also qualify you for cheap auto insurance. If you take an extra driving course and do not smoke or drink, you may also receive discounts on your auto insurance and homeowners insurance premium.

Sooner or later, your teenagers will start to show an interest in driving the family car. You should consider whether they are old enough to start driving. If you buy them a vehicle, it is advisable for the auto insurance policy to stay in your name. Teenagers  or youthful operators as they are refered to are considered as high risk drivers and their auto insurance premiums can be substantially cut if you have the right agent working for you. 

Family car insurance needs differ from those of single people. This is especially true if you have a baby sitter or teenagers who drive your car occasionally. Due to the current economic times, many families are choosing the cheapest auto insurance policy they can find.  Don’t get yourself in trouble. Let show you a way to save money and protect your assets at the same time.

InsureDirect Offers It’s Car Insurance Customers “Snap Shot”

Progressive Auto Insurance is available at  Both myself and my Car Insurance Agents have represented the Mayfield Heights, Ohio Insurance carrier since 1993.  Their Pennsylvania based management team has always been very supportive of our PA Independent Agent channel and we consider Progressive Insurance Company one of the most important Property & Casualty carriers in our auto insurance carrier inventory.

Starting in 1993, we started marketing Progressive auto insurance products in the state of Pennsylvania, over the next few years we opened Delaware, Maryland and New Jersey. Progressive has always been innovative in their thinking and has shared those innovations with their agent’s. A recent Progressive Insurance Company innovation is the introduction of their money-saving program called, “Snapshot”.

Snapshot is a small device which is place installed is your car. customers could save as much as 30 % off their auto insurance monthly payment if they show a consistancy of good driving habits. Those customers whom enroll in this program will automatically saving about $150 per year just for qualifying for the Progressive Program.

So Mike; how does Snap Shot work?

After an client enrolls in the Progressive Snapshot program, their Cleveland, Ohio office will mail the the ‘Snap Shot” device which fits in the palm of your hand.  It plugs into the on-board diagnostic (OBD) port of  your car, truck or SUV. “Snap Shot” then records and sends your daily driving information to a receiver located in Progressive’s Home Office in Cleveland, Ohio.

After the data is reviewed in approximately 30 days, customers will find out if they’re eligible for a discount – up to 30 percent – based on their driving habits and will see that discount applied to their Car Insurance Policy. People who drive less, in safer ways and during safer times of day are more likely to get a discount. At the end of the six-month policy term we determine the renewal discount and the customer returns the device to us. We may periodically check in with customers to get an updated picture of their driving by asking them to plug-in the device again.

Other Facts

The Snapshot program is available to all Pennsylvania drivers who buy  their auto insurance policies from Progressive.

Customers can log in to their Auto Insurance policy on during the 6 month period the device is plugged in to see how their driving habits affect their premium, and, if they want, make changes that could lead to much bigger savings. Progressive Customers will also see if they are on elegible for a portion of the discount after 30 days.

Progressive Snapshot is a voluntary program and customers can opt out when ever the want. Removing the Snapshot unit will not cause your auto insurance premium to increase.

Snapshot is yet another Progressive “first,” reflecting the company’s long standing culture of innovation and superior customer service. Among its long list of industry breakthroughs, Progressive was the first to offer claims service at the scene of an accident, the first to offer online auto insurance purchasing, and the first to offer Name Your Price ®, an innovative, easy-to-use online tool that helps customers choose the coverage package they want at a price that fits their budget.


Credit Scores-Cheap Car Insurance Quotes Pt 2


Hello! I hope you had a nice weekend. Yesterday’s Post discussed how your personal credit rating or score is being used by many auto insurance companies to raise or lower your auto insurance rates. If you have good credit, you can expect to receive a better auto insurance rate.  On the other hand, if your credit score is poor or lower, you will forced to endure a higher auto insurance rate. Today; we will discuss ways to lower your monthly insurance premium regardless if you have poor or a questionable credit rating.

There are creative many ways to cut your auto insurance premiums when shopping for direct auto insurance in the state of New Jersey. Investigate the use of some Gadgets which can provide you a cheap car insurance rate simply by installing it in your car. For instance, a car alarm system, speed governor, air bag system and other safety devices will impact positively on your vehicle insurance premiums. Progressive Insurance Company, which has represented since 1993, has one of these neat new gadgets called “Snap Shot”. Snap Shots which monitors your driving habits.  The best part of this device is the following. Your rate can only got down for better driving habits – not the other way.

 Higher Deductible– You can also obtain cheap car insurance quotes online if you opt for a higher comprehensive or collision deductible. The down-side is; you will have pay that deductible and give up those savings in case of an auto accident. I have told this to my clients for twenty years; “car insurance companies are smart – you either pay them now or pay them later”.  A smart consumer will always pay them later. 

Discounts and Rewards- Online car insurance companies usually offer discounts and promotions to their loyal clients. Ensure you take full advantage of any promotional rewards or programs from the company.

The need for credit scores by auto insurance companies may seem unfair but it is not illegal. If you have poor credit scores, you may opt out of your current policy or choose to lower your premiums through the methods outlined above.

Keep in mind, if you know you have a credit problem, share that information with us when you call.  We will know which carriers to go through to insure you receive the low rate you deserve regardless of your credit.   If you want more information on Progressive Insurance’s new money-saving program,  “Snap Shot”, tomorrow’s post will discuss this new product.



Credit Scores – Cheap Car Insurance Quotes Pt 1


A number of U.S. credit monitoring websites have revealed that your personal credit score might be related to the auto insurance premiums demanded by car insurance companies in the state of New Jersey. According to the survey,  New Jersey residents with higher credit scores could save huge sums of money for direct car insurance compared to those with low scores.  Currently, a number of prominent car insurance companies in New York,  New Jersey and Pennsylvania use this method for auto insurance premium calculation. The process has been cited as unfair by many New Jersey drivers although it is legal in many states.

Many Drivers have been for a long time familiar with the basic criteria used by New Jersey Direct auto insurance companies to calculate premiums. Auto insurers consider your personal driving history, car insurance claims record, age, sex, type of vehicle and the area of state you reside. Drivers argue that this information is enough to obtain cheap car insurance quotes from any insurer. New York and New Jersey insurance companies tend to disagree on this point.

According to some auto insurance carriers, the relevance of credit scores in premium calculations does not apply to all customers. This condition is only applicable for clients who choose to make payments using monthly installments. Those who make full premium payment upfront are not affected by the credit score stipulation. The whole debate surrounding credit scores is because a majority of Car insurance clients belong to the former category.

Generally, a credit score is a numerical assessment of your personal credit worthiness. Bottom line, the question is “do you pay your bills or not?”  It is based on your credit report as tabulated by any of the credit reported agencies tasked with the responsibility. You are normally requested to authorize the bank to order a credit report or score when you apply for mortgage, credit card or other forms of loans from lending institutions. It is only recently that auto insurance companies have begun to request credit scores from prospective clients. Conversely, seven states including Maryland, Michigan and Texas have passed legislation that restricts this requirement in one form or the other. Car Insurance Carriers which do use credit as a factor in determining auto insurance rates beleive the following.  Solid statistics show those drivers with a good or better credit rating have less accidents, tickets, violations. Drivers with good credit are more responsible and will also pay their bills on time.

Nonetheless, you do not have to concern yourself  with the thought of paying higher premiums due to a poor credit scores. represents many carriers where a credit score is not much of a factor.  We have other carriers where it’s no factor at all.   There are a number of ways of reducing your auto insurance premium without relying on your credit score.

This is part one of a two part article.  Please watch Monday’s Blog for part two….


New Jersey Auto Insurance Changes Are Working

I’m confident any New Jersey Driver whom has experienced the changes in the New Jersey auto insurance environment over the last few years is truly a happy camper. Over the last few years, it has been really wonderful.

On January 1, 2009, environment of auto insurance in NJ changed for the better.  Prior to that magical date, drivers in New Jersey were forced to live under an auto insurance law referred to as “Take All Comers”. The law required NJ car insurance carriers accept all “eligible” drivers – Period. An eligible New Jersey driver was determined by an individuals personal driving record.  All New Jersey auto insurance carriers are specifically ordered by New Jersey Law to make auto insurance available to any driver with seven (7) insurance eligibility points their driving record. Any driver who had eight(8) or more insurance points on the driving record was only eligible to NJPAIP or PAIP as it’s referred too by New Jersey Auto Insurance Agents. The New Jersey Personal Auto Insurance Plan rates are very high and no other auto insurance plan for non-standard drivers was available in the state.

Regulations which were proposed by law makers and implemented by the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance (DOBI) phased out the “Take All Comer’s” rule now allowing New Jersey auto insurance companies to operating in the State and set their own underwriting rules to determine if they will or will not write an auto insurance policy for that driver — regardless of their driving record.

Many insurance carriers have entered the New Jersey Auto Insurance Marketplace to meet the demand created by the new law.  First was Mercury Insurance Company.  Others have followed such as; Progressive Insurance Company, Personal Service Insurance Company and Travelers. represents these carriers and many more.  If you are a New Jersey Driver, I would not be surprised if you may be overpaying for your auto insurance.  A simple call to (800) 807-0762 will give you access to all these New Jersey Auto Insurance carriers.  When we beat your current rate, we can immediately bind your new policy and contact your old agent to cancel your previous car insurance policy. We make it that easy.

– Mike

New Jersey Approves First Captive Insurance Company

The State of New Jersey’s Department of Banking and Insurance has recently approved its very first captive insurance company.  The carrier was approved after a new New Jersey State law way passed in May 2011.

New Jersey’s Department of Insurance approved and issued a certificate of authority to Prudential Insurance Company of America on  July 1, 2011.  The authority grants Prudential to function as a pure captive carrier.  The new company will be called Prudential New Jersey Captive Insurance Company or (NJCAP).

The reason Prudential established NJCAP is to control and manage the risk portion of  both its New Jersey annuity and life insurance policy exposures.  Since the new company is based in New Jersey, NJCAP will establish both a New Jersey management team and board of directors.  The management team will closly monitor the New Jersey captive insurance laws and regulations.

It’s important to note that Captive insurance companies are different that Captive insurance agents which I have discussed in previous posts.  Captive insurance companies have specific responsibilities. Their specific objective is financing risks generated from the parent group or groups. New Jersey’s Insurance law did not allow captive insurers to function in the state.

Prudential Insurance Company no longer markets Homeowners Insurance or Auto Insurance in New Jersey.  A number of years ago, they sold their  New Jersey Property & Casualty Books of Business. respresents the nations top 30 Insurance Carriers. Feel free to give us a call as see how much money you can save.

– Mike