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Monthly Archives: July 2012

NJ Auto Insurance Coverage May Pay For Suspicious Fires

"NJ Auto Insurance Coverage May Pay For Suspicious Fires"
Suspicious Fires in Evesham New Jersey

NJ auto insurance coverage should pay for truck damage.  Evesham, New Jersey Police Department are looking into three suspicious fire that occurred at the same address for the third time this year. The residence which is located in a unit block at Wessex Place in Evesham Township. The latest fire occurred  during the evening of July 4 of this year. It was reported that no one was home at the time of the fire which had completely destroyed an out building behind the house. Authorities have disclosed that two of the previous fires occurred  when an unknown person torched the residence’s shed and vehicle.  The first fire occurred when the someone torched the victim’s truck which was just parked outside the recently torched house. Although it’s not known if the victim had either Homeowners or  NJ Auto Insurance coverage, if yes;  their NJ auto insurance policy would defray the costs of the repairs.  Of course vandalism is covered under any NJ auto insurance policy as long as the specific coverage has been purchased prior to the claim.

NJ Auto Insurance Coverage May Pay For Suspicious Fires

As part of the Evesham New Jersey Police investigation,  authorities have increased their patrols of the area and have been asking other  neighbors to be vigilant,  especially during the night. All three fires occurred during evening.  These  incidents are being investigated by both the police and the Evesham NJ Fire Marshal’s Office.. Anyone with information concerning the three suspicious fires in Wessex Place are asked to contact the Evesham NJ Police Department.


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