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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Cancelled Car Insurance Policy In Ohio? Help is Available

Cancelled Ohio Auto Insurance PolicyPOST DATE October 26, 2012 – Do you have a cancelled car insurance policy in Ohio?  Having a cancelled car insurance policy in Ohio does not only expose yourself to more risk, you are exposing others to the same.  Despite there are more cancelled car insurance policies in Ohio this year than any other,  statistics show that more and more Ohio drivers have been uninsured  since 2010. The Department of Transportation in the Buckeye State were able to identify that  one out of every eight licensed drivers in was driving with a cancelled car insurance policy in Ohio.  In addition,  more at fault car accidents involved an uninsured drivers.  In 2010, the State Highway Patrol have complied statistics that showed that there nearly 9000 crashes that involved a driver with a cancelled car insurance policy in Ohio.

Cancelled Car Insurance Policy In Ohio?

There has been an auto insurance requirement for a registered automobile in Ohio for 60 years.  The Buckeye State’s first law hit the books in the 1950’s.  In 1953, the state of Ohio required drivers to have an auto insurance policy that provided coverage on property damages and bodily injuries.  Even once the law was enacted; more drivers with a cancelled car insurance policy continued.

Not having an auto insurance policy can get you in a boat load of trouble when law enforcement discovers your driving with a cancelled car insurance policy in Ohio. The state has been exerting it’s muscle to enforce the mandatory auto insurance law.  If you find yourself in the situation where you have a cancelled car insurance policy in Ohio, we can help you immediately.  One call to my representatives at (800) 807-0762 will provide you with quotes from the lowest priced auto insurance carriers in the state of Ohio. We have many Ohio Auto Insurance Products with prices as low as a dollar a day. There’s no reason you need to drive in fear.  Call us and let us help.


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