Obamacare Health Insurance Exchange – Not in PA

Obamacare Health Insurance ExchangePost Date December 30, 2013 – Insurance regulators in the state of Pennsylvania announced an Obamacare Health Insurance Exchange may not be available for PA Health Insurance buyers. The original plan was to have a state-administered Obamacare health insurance exchange available by January 2014.

Coverage In Obamacare Health Insurance Exchange Will Cost More

The Pennsylvania Insurance Department states the online Obamacare health insurance exchange has been halted due to the high cost and many details which the PA Insurance commissioner says has to many unanswered questions.  Although asked on a number of occasions, the federal government has refused to answer many questions. Pennsylvania Insurance Regulators say they want Pennsylvanians Obamacare Health Insurance Exchange buyers to make informed decisions about their health coverage and don’t want buyers to make poor choices. The Obamacare Health Insurance exchange is being hotly-debated.  With the said the state does have the right to run their own health exchanges. If the state of Pennsylvania will not choose any of the two options above, the federal government will then put-up and run an exchange in the state by year 2014. There are those in the state of Pennsylvania whom are uninsured and/or under-insured which are hoping for the development of a state-run health exchange. They say this will provide Pennsylvanians with health insurance which can be tailored to their needs. Last year, a study ordered by the PA Insurance Department estimated that not less than 2 million Pennsylvania residents will be able to benefit from an online health insurance exchange where they can shop and buy their health insurance policies. One of the concerns that the PA Insurance Department is facing is the so-called “lack of guidance” from the federal government regarding the Obamacare Health Insurance Exchange. With this said, it will be impossible for PA to build an exchange and have it running by 2014.

New Jersey Young Driver Decal Does Saves Lives

New Jersey Young Driver DecalPost Date December 28, 2013 – Researchers at Children Hospital of Philadelphia released a study showing that Kyleigh’s Law which requires a New Jersey Young Driver Decal to be placed on their licensed plate identifying them as a youthful operator.  The New Jersey Young Drivers Decal has prevented approximately 1,600 automobile crashes and hundreds of lives.

New Jersey Young Driver Decal Helps Law Enforcement

The study conducted by Doctors and medical researcher at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia was published in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine.  The study showed a 10% decrease in crashes among teenage drivers in The Garden State. It is important to note that with the New Jersey Young Driver Decal law’ implementation, the number of tickets written to youthful operators increased to  nearly 15 percent.

Kyleigh’s Law which took effect over three years ago on May 1, 2010. The law was named after Kyleigh D’Alessio, a teenage girl who died  when another teen was driving at a very early hour of the morning. This law requires young drivers, under the age of 21 who maintain a probationary driver license.  The law required the youthful operator purchase a New Jersey Young Driver Decal with a pair of red-reflectorized decals. These decals shall be put on the top left corner of each front and rear license plates of their vehicles. The decals will alert the police a young driver is behind the wheel and special rules need enforcing and restrictions for these NJ young drivers need to be obeyed.

According to the director at the Center for Injury Research and Prevention of CHOP, car crashes has been the number one health issue among youthful operators. The New Jersey Young Driver Decal has increased the effectiveness of NJ’s Graduated Driving Licensing (GDL) Law.  This tiny little sticker will prevent 1,600 deaths in 2014.

New Jersey Homeowners Insurance Laws May Change

New Jersey Homeowners InsurancePost Date December 26, 2013 – New Jersey Homeowners Insurance Rates may experience changes in the very near future. legislators planning to provide clearer information to New Jersey homeowners insurance buyers are introducing a few new bills which would require New Jersey Homeowners Insurance carriers to provide a clearer policy summary when a New Jersey Homeowners Insurance Policy is sold.

New Jersey Homeowners Insurance Laws Were Very Confusing After Super Storm Sandy

The bill if passed, will require NJ insurance companies that offer New Jersey homeowners insurance policies to provide their policyholders one-page summary explaining the coverages covered under the NJ insurance policy form.  The summary is so simple, it’s difficult to beleive it was not offered in the past. The exclusions and “notable coverages” will be outlined by the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance in the new law. It shall also explain the insurance company’s hurricane deductible program.

The new law was introduced  as a result of the mass confusion experienced by New Jersey Homeowner Insurance Policy owners were observed  after Superstorm Sandy hit the State of New Jersey.  Many New Jersey Homeowners Insurance Policyholders were shocked to find exclusions in their policies when they made claims with their homeowners insurance companies.

The said one-page policy summary will be included in a brochure which will be provided to the new and renewal policyholders. As the bill went to the committee process, the one-page policy summary shall not replace  any of the terms  and conditions of the New Jersey Homeowners Insurance Policy.

Under current New Jersey law governing homeowners insurance, the insurer must provide the policyholder a consumer information brochure outlining their hurricane deductible as well.  There was much confusion on what and what was not covered under the National Flood Insurance Program.  If the bill shall be enacted, the said brochure shall then have the additional one-page policy summary.

Auto Accident Insurance Fraud Costs You Much More

Auto Accident Insurance FraudPost Date December 24, 2013 – Auto accident insurance fraud will cost you a lot more than paying more for your auto insurance in the future. A man from Utica, New York was sentenced to nearly two years in jail.  The perpetrator was found guilty of auto accident insurance fraud in order to defraud a New York auto insurance company.

Auto Accident Insurance Fraud Costs Everyone Who Buys Car Insurance

David Morgan was sentenced  to 21 months in prison and to pay nearly one million five hundred thousand dollars.  Morgan pleaded guilty to one count of auto accident insurance fraud in July 2012. When the accused is released from prison, he will also serve 36 months of supervised probation.

Morgan admitted in assisting others in an auto accident insurance fraud scheme nearly 10 years ago.  That  auto accident insurance fraud scheme involved staging a car accident in Utica, New York.  In that accident, Morgan’s wife, together with another man claimed that they have been injured while being a passenger in a  multi-passenger van which was hit by a truck.

The police learned that the accident was intentionally staged and both Morgan and his wife were not in the truck nor were they passengers the car at the time of supposed collision. Both claiming to have been injured submitted false auto accident insurance claims that included personal injuries claims and disability.

Prosecutors in New York say that the Morgan’s saw numerous doctors for medical treatments for injuries they did not have.  They also filed  lawsuits to recovery financial compensation for their pain and suffering.  The two settled the law suit with the auto insurance company for a one time payment of $30,000. The police and the fraud investigation unit of the insurance company were able to crack the auto accident insurance fraud scheme through a joint effort with the assistance of the NY Department of Financial Services, Internal Revenue Service and the FBI.

New Mexico Auto Insurance Scam Uses Telephone


New Mexico Auto Insurance Scam

Auto Insurance Fraud

Post Date December 22, 2013 – New Mexico Law Enforcement is advising their residents to be wary of a New Mexico Auto Insurance Scam.  The scam involves residents receiving getting a telephone call from a New Mexico Auto Insurance agent offering inexpensive New Mexico Auto Insurance Coverage.  In actuality, the caller is a con artist only calling to collect private personal information for identity theft .

Concerned caller could be part of New Mexico Auto Insurance Scam

The New Mexico Auto Insurance Scam involves the caller stating they are calling from the New Mexico Department of Motor Vehicle.  The caller claims  the state is concerned they might be “paying too much for their New Mexico auto insurance.” The caller then provide a callback phone number in the (505) Area Code. When the New Mexico resident calls back, they are asked for their most personal financial information.

A similar auto insurance scam was also observed last year in the state of Wyoming. That scheme also involved telemarketers but the call was initiated by an auto dialer system with an automated messages saying the Wyoming Secretary of State had released information that auto insurance consumers have also been paying too much for their auto insurance. The truth of the matter is the state secretary’s office do not have access to any database on auto insurance consumers.  In addition, they do not even evaluate auto insurance companies.

On the other side of auto insurance scams, Michigan authorities also advised their residents last month to watch out for insurance agents who claimed that they sell valid auto policies when in fact they don’t have the license to do so.

In the event that you receive a suspicious call about New Mexico auto insurance, you are advised to contact law enforcement or your state insurance regulatory authority.  Consumers must be very cautious about their personal private financial information.

Obamacare Website Needs Some Help

Obamacare WebsitePost Date December 20, 2013 – There is no other individual or organization that deserves the number one spot for worst abomination Award than HealthCare.Gov Obamacare website for the Affordable Care Act. I just don’t understand why the government continues to insist they can do anything better than the Private Sector can.  Going back to 1776 when our Government was formed, they have continued to prove anything bureaucrats get their hands on becomes a tangled mess.

Obamacare Website is on life support

Not long after the official October 1st Open Enrollment Date, those users of  the HealthCare.Gov Obamacare Website reported they were having major problems.  Out of every 10 applications which consumers attempted to complete – only three HealthCare.Gov Obamacare applications were reported completion.  This does not mean those three have health insurance.  It only means they obtained a rate.  Sadly, many have now discovered the rate received was not correct.  Further, even if correct, they would need to pay a premium in order ti receive coverage.  Unfortunately, the Obamacare Website has no ability to collect premiums.

In late October, a Senate Hearing discovered that there were even problems at the Federal Exchange.  Officials of the CGI and Optum/QSSI, the two vendors which were to assign the policies to the Health Insurance Carriers reported their systems were failing.  If you are not aware of what the Federal Exchange’s is, it works very much like the Assigned Risk Auto Insurance Pool in your home state.  The HealthCare.Gov Obamacare Exchange assigns those health insurance policies in a similar fashion.

The Republican Party claim that $175 Million in Tax Payers money was spent to build one of the most important government websites in the country’s history.  The Democrates claim the Republican Party sabotaged the HealthCare.Gov Obamacare website by pressuring states to refuse to build their own online HealthCare.Gov Obamacare Exchange Website. The democrats claim is the states would have built there oun sites, as the bugs in the federal HealthCare.Gov Obamacare Website became evident, the consumer would have had a back-up.  The problem with that statement is, the states were under no obligation to build a HealthCare.Gov Obamacare type exchange website.

Based on what we have learned about the new healthcare laws under the affordable care act, the employees at InsureDirect.com will have the Health Insurance Policy with Blue Cross/Blue Shield cancelled on May 1st, 2014.

State Farm Auto Insurance – NJ’s Largest Carrier

New Jersey Auto InsurancePost Date December 18, 2013 – A market study conducted by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners shows State Farm auto insurance holds the largest share of New Jersey’s property and casualty insurance market place. Although InsureDirect.com does not sell State Farm Auto Insurance, they represent dozens of comprable car insurance carriers with rates just as low.

State Farm Auto Insurance writes more auto insurance than any company in the U.S.

The study also showed State Farm Auto Insurance also has the largest market share of commercial, personal auto insurance, homeowners insurance, medical professional liability, worker’s compensation.  Based on the data gathered State Farm Auto Insurance dominated the property/casualty market in the entire United States after having written 53,654,236,900 direct premiums from all lines. The total premiums is almost twice that of Zurich Insurance Company who holds the second spot with 28,888,803,489 direct premiums written. Zurich Insurance Company owns Farmers Insurance Company. Although Farmers writes car insurance policies in many states, they currently don’t write insurance in New Jersey. State Farm holds over 10% of the US market share while Zurich only holds 5.55 % Only with a slim margin from Zurich, Liberty Mutual holds the third largest market share at near 6%. Other insurers who made the top 10 list are  Allstate car insurance, Travelers car insurance, GIECO Car Insurance, Nationwide Car Insurance, Progressive car Insurance, and USAA. State Farm auto insurance holds the biggest market share where it was able to write 32,101,906,675 of direct premiums, holding around 18.39 percent of the said line’s market share.  Next to State Farm is Allstate holding 10% percent of market share with 17,478,055,222 in direct premiums written. They are followed by: Berkshire Hathaway which owns GEICO Auto Insurance Company with (16,748,869,754), Progressive Auto Insurance with (14,438,110,679) and finally Zurich Insurance Company which owns Farmers Insurance Company. It is evident that the nation’s top five insurers on personal auto insurance are State Farm, Allstate, Berkshire Hathaway, Progressive and Zurich.

New Jersey Car Insurance Rates Are Soaring

New Jersey Car Insurance RatesPost Date December 16, 2013 – How much are you paying in New Jersey Car Insurance Rates? Are your New Jersey Car Insurance Rates going up? How much were you paying before? Ever wondered why you are paying almost double than what people were paying years ago?

New Jersey Car Insurance Rates Could Be Much Lower

The Consumer Federation of America (CFA) are are asking the same questions of states insurance regulator in New Jersey.  Although the CFA is saying loose regulations on how auto insurance companies price consumers  New Jersey Car Insurance Rates is the reason behind the increase in New Jersey car insurance rates.  New Jersey state regulators are saying something very different.

According to the CFA, New Jersey car insurance rates have risen nearly 50% in the last 25 years.  A recent study has concluded that price increases are due to factors on how New Jersey car insurance rates are regulated.

Some states have seen the complete opposite. The state of California has experience a decline on their average auto insurance rates between 1989-2010.  In fact, they have experienced an auto insurance decrease of 0.3 percent in a 25-year period. The decrease and the stability of California auto insurance rates are being credited to the state’s reform on their auto insurance law and its competitive insurance market.

The CFA feels the less regulatory oversight on New Jersey car insurance rates had higher increases on their auto insurance rates. States with much stricter regulations, obligate insurers to seek approval before any rate increase.  Those rules have seen lower rates increases for their consumers than those states that does not require prior approval from regulators.

The CFA is calling for state insurance regulators to adopt new regulations on their auto insurance laws and study how California’s regulations have impacted their rates.

Auto and Home Insurance Bundle In Ohio

Auto and Homeowners Insurance BundlePost Date  December 12, 2013- Auto and Home Insurance Bundle in Ohio is still the cheapest among all the states in the United States. Ohio’s Director of Insurance and  the states Lieutenant Governor announced the states auto and Home insurance bundle is still among the lowest cost in the United States.

Auto and Home Insurance Bundle  still the cheapest among all US States

Ohio residents have been enjoying the lowest auto and Home insurance bundle rates compared to the other US states in the country due to the state’s competitive auto and Home Insurance bundle market where consumers have access to over 100 Property & Casualty Insurance carriers.

Ohio Insurance Institute spokeswoman said that Ohio’s low premiums are not only a result of a competitive market but a combination of such and a friendly auto and home insurance bundle insurance regulatory environment.

Most recent data from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), the average auto and home insurance  bundle in Ohio is the ninth lowest in the country. The average auto premium in Ohio is only around $630.00.  As for homeowners insurance premiums, Ohioans are paying for the sixth lowest homeowners in the entire country at an average of $624.

Even with the lowest homeowners and auto insurance premiums being enjoyed in Ohio, or consumers to regularly review their auto and homeowners insurance coverage to ensure that they are having the “best policy at the best price to meet their needs.”

In 2006, Ohio was the sixth state entered by InsureDirect.com and marketed its auto and homeowners insurance. InsureDirect.com, a licensed insurance agent in the state represents the top 30 auto insurance and homeowners insurance carriers in the country giving Ohioans a large selection of carriers to choose from to give them the best priced policy and coverage. If you want to compare your current rates or you need to obtained car insurance in a pinch – give us a call at (800) 240-3369.  Press option one.

West Virginia State Minimum Auto Insurance

West Virginia State Minimum Auto InsurancePost Date December 10, 2013 – West Virginia State Minimum Auto Insurance  requirements will be increased in the very near insurance. The West Virginia legislator has issued a proposal which seeks an increase to the West Virginia State Minimum Auto Insurance liability limits.

West Virginia State Minimum Auto Insurance 25/50/10

The current West Virginia State Minimum Auto Insurance coverage in the Mountain State is set at $40,000 for bodily injury per accident, and $10,000 for property damage per accident.  The W. Virginia House Bill would push through in increase in  the West Virginia State Minimum Auto Insurance coverage’s to $50,000 for bodily injuries per accident, and $25,000 for property damage per accident. West Virginia Legislators are hopeful the bill will pass into law and take effect on January 1 next year.

According to the legislators whom were the bill’s sponsors, increasing the West Virginia State Minimum Auto Insurance liability coverage will make sure car owners whom cause car accidents will have enough car insurance to pay for for they cause. The proposal will actually be good to both the West Virginia policyholders and claimants.

West Virginia State Minimum Auto Insurance buyers will experience an increase in their car insurance payments.  According to the President of the West Virginia Insurance Federation new law will raise their car insurance payments by as much as sixty dollars a year.  The federation’s President stated to a reporter for the AP (Associated Press) she is not a big fan of raising the West Virginia State Minimum car insurance coverage minimum.

The original proposal was to raise the West Virginia Minimum car insurance to $100,000 of minimum coverage.   The West Virgina Department of Banking and Insurance wanted only $50,000. If you want to save money on your West Virginia State Minimum Auto Insurance, make sure you call InsureDirect at (800) 240-3369 or Log-onto www.insuredirect.com.