PA Car Insurance Death Statistics Tops 300

PA Car Insurance Death StatisticsPost Date May 4, 2014 – In their annual management report for 2013,  PA car insurance claim statistic’s showed Philadelphia automobile fatalities reached nearly 300. This is much higher than its preceding year which PA Car insurance deaths in Philadelphia were less  than 240 deaths from auto accident.  According to PA car insurance claims statistics, nearly 120 of the nearly 300 deaths involved drivers and their passengers. This is 50% higher than 2012. In a similar statistic, were 200 deaths in the city attributed to those riding a bike or motorcycle.

PA car insurance deaths are the focus of a recent study

The recent annual management report shows a true anomaly in traffic fatalities for the last fiscal year since the year 2003. PA Car Insurance death statistics had been showing a decreasing number of auto deaths. The report even showed there was an increase in auto deaths to 291 in 2012 despite trends on four consecutive years were still dropping.

Although there is an increase in traffic deaths, the number of traffic accidents had actually dropped since 2011. Most of the traffic deaths in Philadelphia transpired on highways like Roosevelt Blvd and I-95.  Factors being attributed to the PA car insurance death statistics are speeding, running red lights/stop signs, and DUI and DWI. These account for over 50% of these traffic deaths.

It has been reported PA Department of Transportation have speed bumps and speed  in specific problem areas  to slow down speeding car in more populated areas such as schools. There are now  near 330 speed humps in the City of Brotherly love. Other safety improvements executed by Department of Transportation include the redesigning and construction of streets near schools as part of the department’s “Safe Routes through School Areas” program.

With the said program, the Department of Transportation currently has 85 street redesign and construction projects on schools. Completed projects are now within 35 schools.