Top 10 Most Stolen Cars in the U.S.


Here are Top 10 Most Stolen Cars in the U.S.

Remember that movie with Nic Cage where he had to steal 50 cars but only ended up with “49 and an ‘alf?” However, real life isn’t like the 2000 film Gone in 60 Seconds where exotic cars are the most stolen. In real life, it’s more like sedans and pick-ups.

According to a new report by worldwide tracking and recovery system company LoJack, the Honda Accord ranks as the most stolen and recovered vehicle for the fifth year in a row.

Of the cars equipped with LoJack, $121 million in stolen vehicles were recovered in 2013. The most expensive vehicle recovered was a 2011 Porsche Panamera valued at $103,400.

The 2013 LoJack Vehicle Theft Recovery Report is gathered from data provided by 27 states via The International Justice And Public Safety Network as well as California law enforcement, and is specific to stolen cars, trucks and SUVs equipped with the LoJack Stolen Vehicle Recovery System that were recovered between January and December 2013.










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How To Get The Cheapest NJ Insurance Quotes

Car insurance can get very expensive, and the monthly rates are sometimes just as high, if not higher, than some monthly car payments. In this article, we’ll take a look at how to get the cheapest insurance quotes that New Jersey has to offer.

If you are looking for the lowest NJ insurance quotes…

start with the vehicle you’re insuring.

Remember that the newer and more expensive your vehicle is, the higher the rate for insurance. Therefore, if you plan to purchase a new car, buy an inexpensive one instead of the fully loaded luxury vehicle you’ve been dreaming about. Trust me, heated seats and all leather interior are small luxuries to give up when you consider how much lower your rate will be for your new bargain-priced sedan.

Keeping a check on your credit score is another way to lower NJ insurance quotes for your new vehicle. Many states, including New Jersey, allow insurers to factor in your credit score when determining your premium. You can obtain your credit score from several sites online, including some sites that offer free score readings. Don’t forget that checking your credit score too often can actually lower your score, so only check it occasionally.

Shopping around is one of the best ways to get the cheapest NJ insurance quotes. Not only are you shopping for the most affordable quote, but this also gives you a way to “haggle” with prospective insurance agents. The best way to do this is to take the four best NJ insurance quotes you’ve been given, then go to each agent and propose the lowest offered rate. If the agent can’t give you the rate you want, simply thank them for their time, then make your way to the agent who will meet your quote.

10 Most Shocking Car Accidents Caught on Video

No matter how often people are reminded to drive safely, it is unfortunately one of those fatal bad habits certain people can’t live without.

Here are the 10 Most Shocking Car Accidents Caught on Video


Crossings were made so people could safely walk from one street to another, but both drivers and pedestrians seem to forget that all the time. This video shows some pretty horrifying accidents of people flying all over the place and drivers screaming their tonsils out.

Once you’ve viewed this harrying video, make sure to check out the remaining list of the ten most shocking car accidents caught on video, and also make sure you drive safely and defensively and wear your seat belt!


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Should You Buy Collision or Comprehensive NJ Car Insurance?

Should You Buy Collision or Comprehensive NJ Car Insurance?Purchasing car insurance is a major decision, one that’s almost as important as selecting a vehicle. NJ car insurance can be purchased at three different levels-liability, collision and comprehensive. Liability car insurance is the minimum amount you can buy and still be legal. However, it only covers any damages caused to another motorist and their vehicle by you. So basically, if you crash into another car, liability insurance will only cover the damage you do to the other vehicle, leaving you to foot the bill for your own car repairs.

Collision insurance covers more than minimum liability. NJ collision car insurance covers damages done to both yours and the other party’s vehicles. But, if you have an accident that you did not cause, such as a tree falling on your car, collision insurance will not cover those damages. For the most thoroughly covered NJ car insurance, you will want to buy comprehensive insurance.

Comprehensive car insurance covers any and all types of accidents that cause damage to your vehicle. Comprehensive includes damages caused by acts of God, such as floods, hail storms, tornadoes, and hurricanes. It also covers theft, vandalism, and fire. Comprehensive coverages is the most expensive NJ car insurance available, but it’s also the only type of insurance that will give you complete peace of mind. It’s especially recommended if your vehicle has a high resale value.

We can’t tell you what type of car insurance coverage is right for you. That is strictly a decision you must make on your own, based on your budget and needs. Of course, if it’s at all possible, we recommend buying fully covered comprehensive insurance, but we also understand that not all budgets have room for that. Just remember, it is unlawful to drive uninsured, so you must choose some type of coverage to avoid unnecessary traffic violations and hassle.

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