How to Get Car Insurance as Cheaply as Possible

How to Get Car Insurance as Cheaply as Possible

If you’re looking to get car insurance as cheaply as possible, you’re How to Get Car Insurance as Cheaply as Possiblegoing to need assistance from a seasoned veteran of getting the lowest car insurance quotes possible from the best in the business: Mike Dortch.

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Listen – we get it. The economy is in bad shape and that means most people’s finances are shaky at best. This means keeping necessities such as food and car insurance as inexpensive as possible.

How to Get Car Insurance as Cheaply as Possible

While larger companies may try to get you to spend more and more on the bells and whistles of car insurance, we at InsureDirect understand your need to minimize costs to maximize you getting on track with saving money, and planning a better future.

Cheaper Car Insurance Means Better Living

Most of us spend a little time each month thinking about how to lower bills such as phone, gas, clothing, food and especially car insurance. The reason for this is most people are well aware that services and products really don’t differ much from provider to provider and business to business. However, prices do!

Making wise decisions with regard to what products and services to buy can be the difference between saving $100 this month, or $1,000. Think about it, saving just $15 a day is $450 a month. That means if you’re eating lunch every day at a local Bistro, or purchasing car insurance from an overpriced provider, you’ll soon find less money in savings and more money in the pockets of men and women with homes in the Hampton and jets in their garage.

Frankly, we’d rather see you keep as much of your money as possible.

At InsureDirect, we’ve got your back, and your cheapest quote on car insurance as possible.




Car Insurance for Military Veterans

Car Insurance for Military Veterans

From the time we have opened our doors, InsureDirect has always praised and honored our military veterans for their selfless duty and courageous sacrifice in the service of our country.  We are proud to serve our military veterans with the lowest possible quote on car insurance based on their particular and unique needs.

If you’re a military veteran and seeking the lowest quote possible on car insurance, please call us now at: 1-800-807-0762.

It doesn’t matter if you have served in a combat arena, or back here at home, we are pleased to provide all of our military service men and woman with car insurance quotes that they deserve.

Car Insurance for Military Veterans

Returning home from the military can be extremely difficult due to so many stressful transitions. Finding a new place to live, settling into a new area, finding a new job, perhaps buying a new vehicle and sometimes even entering college can all culminate into a very overall stressful situation. Getting car insurance to suit your new military veteran lifestyle to minimize legal and personal liability in the event of an auto incident should not be difficult, or expensive.

If you’re a military veteran in need of the lowest quote possible on car insurance, please call us today at InsureDirect.




Deer Auto Collisions In West Virginia Is Nations Highest

auto deer collisionPost Date July 21, 2014 – Although West Virginia is known as The Mountain State, it also holds the distinction of having the highest rate for deer auto collisions. This means that when you are driving the streets and highways of West Virginia,  auto deer collisions are consistently higher than any other state in the United States.

For the last 7 years,  West Virginia holds this distinction based on the data collected on the number of Deer Auto Collisions insurance claims data compiled by State Farm Insurance Company.  Based on the State Farm report, deer-auto collisions in The Mountain State are 1-in-48. Deer Auto Collisions in the rest of the United States is 1-in-183.  What is more surprising is that collision and comprehensive auto insurance claims involving deer-related claims have increased in  the past four years, compared to the other type of claims including weather, fire, vandalism, etc.

Aside from West Virginia, other states have also showed an increase of the rate for chances of deer auto collisions. 

A spokesman for State Farm recently stated, “I think it’s interesting that, in the context of those other types of claims, deer claims are increasing”.  The spokesman also said that the trend of lowering accidents does not apply to deer auto collisions.  Aside from West Virginia, other states have also showed an increase of the rate for chances of deer auto collisions. These states are South Dakota, Iowa, Michigan and’s home state Pennsylvania.  Although Pennsylvania and Ohio are simular, the state of Ohio’s deer auto collisions dropped by a little over 2% in 2012 over the previous year – 2011. Michigan reported a 4 % drop on its number of deer-auto crashes. The Michigan Deer Crash Coalition had reported earlier that the deer-related crashes have resulted to 1,464 people injured, and eight dead in 2013.

Uninsured Drivers Beware!

Driving Without Auto InsurancePost Dates July, 22 2014 – Although uninsured drivers in Pennsylvania and New Jersey live with the harshest financial penalties for driving a car without an auto insurance coverage; other states invoke other penalties much more severe.  Ohio uninsured drivers must also deal with the inconvenient punishment of having your car taken away  from you and impounded by the local or state police.

The enforcement of any state car insurance laws requires uninsured drivers purchase at least a minimum amount of auto insurance.  

This state minimum auto insurance limit in all states starts as a bill which outlines the penalty that will allow law enforcement agencies to tow the cars of those uninsured drivers caught driving without the required auto insurance policy in that state.

Uninsured drivers caught driving without an auto insurance coverage can be towed by law enforcement even if it is their first offense. Before the passage of these laws,  only the vehicles of second-time offenders are being towed by law enforcement.

If you have an expired policy and that you don’t feel the need to renew it, or if you are one of those thousands of Americans whom are uninsured drivers – you may not feel threatened by the penalties being instituted. THINK AGAIN!

It’s easier than ever for Law enforcement to confirm the fact a car or driver does not have auto insurance.  Legislative efforts in most  states give law enforcement agencies the ability check if a vehicle or driver is insured. Auto insurance status is now available with the use of state auto registration database’s.

Uninsured Drivers should be reminded to maintain the state required auto insurance coverage in the you live.    These laws are not just to protect the driver themselves, these laws, fines and penalties exist to protect uninsured drivers from destroying the lives of other people.

Texting While Driving And Your Auto Insurance

Post Date July 17, 2014 – More and more states and localities throughout the country have instituted laws prohibiting texting while driving.  These laws will make these actions a crime which come with severe penalties for these violations.

It’s important that we all keep in mind the danger we put others in while using our smart phones for texting while driving.

Texting While Driving And Your Auto InsuranceAs for other traffic violations, any moving violation or infraction listed on your driving record can affect your auto insurance premium. In states where laws on distracted driving have already been passed, they already prohibited the use of handheld cell phones and other mobile communication devices. Getting caught texting while driving will surely earn you a a moving violation.  Aside from the financial penalty which comes with a citation, you can also expect increased rates on your next auto insurance renewal.

In the past when having one texting while driving violation may not have much of an affect on the cost of your auto insurance, in some states texting while driving is being treated as the major offense it truly is.

Only a handful of states having instituted laws to criminalize the use of mobile devices while your hands are at the wheels, the states of New Jersey and New York  holds the harshest point-related penalties. Texting while driving in New York can earn a driver a three-point penalty.

A new study from State Farm revealed that the number of drivers that are using their mobile gadgets not just for texting or making a call but as well as using other services like e-mailing, playing music, etc., have increased. The distracted driving report made by State Farm involved 1,000 surveyed auto insurance consumers.

The study also showed that drivers who use mobile communication devices while driving are not only confined to the younger age group. It now applies to almost all ages and that the numbers are on the rise.

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Auto Insurance Claims Reach $10 Billion From Hail

Post Date July 16, 2014 – Hailstorms which severely struck the United States in 2013 cost the Auto insurance industry for 10 billion dollars in claims. According to Insurance Departments throughout the U.S,recent data revealed that 133,264 auto insurance claims were filed in U.S. in relation with the hailstorms last year. Aside from auto insurance claims, there were also a number of homeowners insurance claims.

Combined, payout for homeowners and auto insurance claims will will be in the Billions.

Mississippi insurance commissioner Mike Chaney believes that an increased number of claims resulting from the said phenomenon will still increase in 2014. Chaney also believes that the number of claims in his state alone will reach 60,000.

HailstormAs a tip to drivers whom maintain auto insurance, keep receipts from short-term repairs as if the damage exceeds your deductible, you may be reimbursed by your auto insurance carrier.  While drivers are waiting for a auto insurance claims adjuster to cover broken windows in their vehicle and also to remove glass fragments from the vehicle’s interior – you should only driver your car as long as it is safe to do so. Your policy will not cover additional damage you incur. Our recent weather is a combination of strong winds and varying temperature that resulted to hailstorms. These widespread weather conditions have hit out most populated  U.S. Regions. Reports coming from throughout the U.S.  indicated that hail were as large as baseballs or tennis balls.

Data from the National Weather Service revealed that the recent hailstorms in Maryland were the third-largest to have hit the state since 1950. Aside from home and car damages in, the hail also injured a number of people and had damaged a school which officials believe will be closed for the first month of the 2014-2015 school year.

In addition, the Insurance departments throughout the U.S. warn both auto insurance and home insurance  consumers about suspicious phone calls that will promise to do claims-related work but will require an immediate cash payment, as these calls are probably coming from people who would just like to take advantage of the situation.

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Factors That May Prevent You From Having NJ's Cheapest Car Insurance Rates

Factors That May Prevent You From Having NJ’s Cheapest Car Insurance Rates

Everyone knows about the obvious factors that will prevent you from obtaining NJ’s cheapest car insurance rates available. Speeding tickets, accidents, and being a male under 25 are all common factors that will raise insurance rates. But, did you know that turning 50 prevent you from having NJ’s cheapest car insurance rate to having one of the highest? This article covers this and a few other factors affecting your insurance premiums that you may not know about.

NJ’s Cheapest Car Insurance Rates

Some people mistakenly believe that getting older guarantees you the cheapest car insurance rates due to the obvious maturity and driving experience that tends to accumulate with age. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. The age group that receives NJ’s cheapest car insurance rates are adults ages 26-49. Anyone outside this age group should be prepared to pay a higher premium. While not every insurance agency will increase your rate once you turn 50, you need to be aware that it can happen. This seems like a rather unusual practice considering that statistics show that the safest drivers are between the ages of 64-69.

A poor credit score is another factor that can prevent you from obtaining NJ’s cheapest car insurance rates. Unfortunately, a poor credit score is not something you can instantly repair, but over time, your score can increase, and when it does, it’s time to re-visit your insurance agent, because you deserve to have a better rate.

Here’s another little known factor that can increase your car insurance rate: driving more miles.

What? The whole point of buying a car is so that you can drive it wherever and whenever you need to, so why would insurance companies increase your insurance rate for driving your own vehicle? Well, the thing is, the more miles you put on a vehicle, the more likely you are to get involved in an accident, or need repair work. While there is no specific amount of miles that guarantee an increase in your rate, it’s best to consult your agent about their company’s policy regarding mileage.

Lastly, perhaps the most unfair factor that can prevent you from getting the cheapest insurance rates, is the fact that you’re single. Many insurance companies claim that statistics prove that married people have less accident, and furthermore, cause less damage than single people do. While going out and obtaining a husband or wife is easier said than done, it’s necessary if you want cheaper car insurance.

Effectively Compare NJ Auto Insurance With These Tips

Effectively Compare NJ Auto Insurance With These Tips

Selecting NJ auto insurance doesn’t have to be hard or complicated. You simply need to understand what each level of coverage gets you, and why you need it. Then, the only thing left to do, is start shopping for the best rates. This article provides a few tips on what to consider when comparing NJ auto insurance rates, and how to choose the company with the best rate for you.

Comparing NJ Auto Insurance Rates

When comparing NJ auto insurance rates, you need to obtain at least three quotes from available agents. These quotes will give a bit of leverage when you are shopping for your NJ auto insurance, because agents are competing with one another to win your business. Take the lowest quote you’ve been given, even if it’s not with the agency you hope to do business with, then contact each prospective agent and ask them to match or better that rate. Chances are, the agency you really want to do business with also wants your business, so they will likely meet your proposed rate.

The next step is to compare each level of coverage from liability to collision to comprehensive.

As you probably know, liability only covers damage you do to another motorist’s vehicle, meaning you are still responsible for any damage repairs needed for your car. Liability insurance will also cover any medical bills the other motorist may obtain, but again, you are responsible for your own medical treatment. Of course, it’s understandable that comprehensive or collision insurance doesn’t always work into your budget, and liability insurance will at least keep you legal to drive.

Finally, when comparing NJ auto insurance rates, take into consideration deductible amounts and uninsured motorist coverage. One in seven drivers on the road are driving uninsured, so the probability of being involved in an accident with an uninsured motorist is high. However, not all insurance includes uninsured motorist’s coverage, so it’s very important to discuss this factor with prospective agents.

Benefits of Using Car Insurance Comparison Sites

Benefits of Using NJ Car Insurance Comparison Sites

In this day and age, you can find anything online, including sites that offer NJ car insurance comparisons. However, some are still hesitant to buy car insurance from anyone other than a local agent. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with this, these folks are missing out on major savings because they are not reaping the benefits of using NJ car insurance comparison sites.

You may be wondering what some of the benefits are in…

Using a NJ Car Insurance Comparison Site

NJ car insurance comparison sites work a lot like search engine sites, only these particular sites focus on finding you the cheapest car insurance rates available. You can search all the major insurance companies’ rates at once, with most sites giving you the best rates first.

Another benefit, especially for young adults who are new to purchasing car insurance, is that you get a list of the best insurance companies out there, giving you an insight on whom you do and do not want to conduct business with. In addition, most comparison sites offer links that will take you directly to a check-out page for the insurance you select. This means you can take advantage of a one step transaction, instead of spending thirty minutes filling out paperwork.

Perhaps you are one of those who doesn’t want to leave your local insurance agency. That’s perfectly fine, but that doesn’t mean you won’t benefit from using a car insurance comparison site. You can still search rates from top insurance companies, then take the three best quotes to your local agent, and ask for a more competitive rate. You will be surprised at how quickly your agent will be willing to lower your rate if they see that you could be doing business elsewhere. If your agent doesn’t offer you a lower rate, it may be time to consider consulting with an agent from a company who offered one of the better quotes.

Should You Buy Collision or Comprehensive NJ Car Insurance?

Should You Buy Collision or Comprehensive NJ Car Insurance?

Purchasing car insurance is a major decision, one that’s almost as important as selecting a vehicle. NJ car insurance can be purchased at three different levels – liability, collision and comprehensive.

Types of NJ Car Insurance

Liability car insurance is the minimum amount you can buy and still be legal. However, it only covers any damages caused to another motorist and their vehicle by you. So basically, if you crash into another car, liability insurance will only cover the damage you do to the other vehicle, leaving you to foot the bill for your own car repairs.

Collision insurance covers more than minimum liability. NJ collision car insurance covers damages done to both yours and the other party’s vehicles. But, if you have an accident that you did not cause, such as a tree falling on your car, collision insurance will not cover those damages. For the most thoroughly covered NJ car insurance, you will want to buy comprehensive insurance.

Comprehensive car insurance covers any and all types of accidents that cause damage to your vehicle. Comprehensive includes damages caused by acts of God, such as floods, hail storms, tornadoes, and hurricanes. It also covers theft, vandalism, and fire. Comprehensive coverages is the most expensive NJ car insurance available, but it’s also the only type of insurance that will give you complete peace of mind. It’s especially recommended if your vehicle has a high resale value.

We can’t tell you what type of car insurance coverage is right for you. That is strictly a decision you must make on your own, based on your budget and needs. Of course, if it’s at all possible, we recommend buying fully covered comprehensive insurance, but we also understand that not all budgets have room for that. Just remember, it is unlawful to drive uninsured, so you must choose some type of coverage to avoid unnecessary traffic violations and hassle.