AAA Predicts Increase In Travel During The Holiday Season

Satursday’s Post 12.17.11 – The American Automobile Association estimates that more individuals and families will travel during this holiday season even though the economy has affected their finances.  According to the motor club and leisure travel organization, nearly 100 million US residents plan to travel over fifty miles from their homes this holiday season. This is an increase from last years travel statistics. Increases in the price of gas coupled with poor economic growth will force many to travel by car. These increases indicate an exceptional season for the travel services industry. This is the collectively the second highest volume in holiday travel plans the last 10 years. The vice president for Travel Services at AAA says this is an ideal time to hit the road and unwind from our day-to-day schedule and Job routines. AAA says nearly 60% of people with holiday travel plans do not feel that finances will affect them so much. Personal financial circumstances have improved enough to make holiday plans feasible, unlike two to three years back at the height of the economic recession. However, less than 50% of respondents interviewed will definitely cutback on travel expenses, due to financial constraints. Last year, this number stood at near 70%.  Major traffic on streets and highways always comes with a higher risk of car accident risks. Government officials claim that both December and January are the most notorious 60 day period for car accidents, injuries and deaths. Data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), shows that there were over a half a million accidents in both the months of December and January. The average monthly crash volume for an entire year is less than 459,000. Traffic accidents may not necessarily result to serious injuries or fatalities, but they are emotionally traumatizing to the victims. They also blemish your driving history, and lead to higher rates on auto insurance premiums if you are determined to be at fault.


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