Allstate Auto Insurance “Drive-Wise” Popularity Growing

Drive-WisePost Date October 13, 2012 –  Allstate Auto Insurance sells one of the most popular Car Insurance Products in the United States.  Although you may not be aware, Allstate auto insurance owns a number of other popular car insurance companies. Both myself and my agents represent  2 Allstate owned insurance carriers.  As hundreds of our customers are aware,  Encompass Insurance Company provides both Auto and Homeowners Insurance across the US.  We have represented Encompass for 15 years. They have a number of very popular auto insurance products.  In addition to Encompass, we also have many customer insured with Esurance.  Allstate Auto Insurance is doing a great job of bringing innovative products to the auto insurance marketplace.

Allstate auto insurance program is saving folks lots of money………………….

Allstate Auto Insurance is now expanding it’s popular usage-based insurance (UBI) product called “Drive Wise”.  The Allstate Auto Insurance (UBI)  will be available in many more states through the end of 2012 and 2013. Currently;  the auto insurance product is available in Arizona, Illinois, and Ohio. Allstate Auto Insurance will expand the reach of “Drive-Wise” to Colorado, Michigan, New Jersey and New York.  Besides UBI; there is another discount auto insurance product called (PAYD)  Pay-As-You-Drive.  Esurance has a pilot program in California. Pay-As-You-Drive tracks the distance being driven.

For those whom are not aware of what Drive Wise or UBI products in general are, bare with me for a moment.  In two words it’s “Big Brother”, but in a good way.  Drive-Wise  utilizes a small plug-in module ‘under your dashboard’ which monitors your driving habits such as braking,  acceleration, distances driven, and most important – the time of day when your car is being driven. Allstate Auto Insurance uses this data to determine how many discounts you are eligible for.  A really neat thing is, you can go to the Allstate Auto Insurance Website and see how your driving.

On a personal note; Progressive Insurance Company has a similar product to the Allstate Auto Insurance UBI called “Snap-Shot”.  My wife and I switched to Progressive Auto Insurance to specifically to take advantage of the “Snap-Shot” Program.  Our rates dropped drastically.  Currently we insure to late model cars with the auto insurance carrier’s highest Bodily Injury and Property Damage Limits for $1400.00 a year.


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