Allstate Car Insurance Company May Require Policy Bundling in 2012

Monday’s Post 1.2.12 – Auto Insurance and Homeowners Insurance carriers have started to non-renew the polices for policy holders whom refuse to bundle their insurance products such as homeowners insurance and car insurance coverage.  This change means carriers are not non-renewing consumers based solely on the real losses suffered by many of their policyholders in the year.  A leading insurance  and economics expert outlined the issue: Many carriers were looking at the spread of properties they  carry, both because of past events and the potential for future activity. These carriers have to weigh the benefits and risks of concentrating too much effort in a single area. If they see the potential for losses, they must realign their holdings. Officials from one major carrier confirmed the non-renewal decision on over fifty thousand clients in Arkansas and North Carolina, with non-renewal occurring in the event those clients opt not to bundle services.  Arkansas has been significantly y damaged by four of those natural disasters, with flooding in early spring, and tornado activity. N. Carolina caught the brunt of Irene as she made her way up the Eastern Seaboard, totaling over seven billion dollars in damages, according to estimates. Reports indicated that homeowners and auto insurance carriers handled nearly forty billion dollars in total losses in the first nine months of the year, when clients put in claims for a variety of coverage types, with claims stretching from N. Carolina all the way to Texas.


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