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Arizona car insurance, by law, requires minimum coverage of 15/30/10.

Arizona State Flag
Arizona State Flag

What does 15/30/10 have to do with your Arizona auto insurance? It means that by law you are required to carry coverage on your car of at least 15,000 in bodily injury liability per person and $30,000 total bodily injury liability per accident.

The $10,000 is the minimum requirement for property damage liability limit per accident.

Best Rates On Car Insurance Found In Ohio

Ohio's Best Rates on Car InsurancePost Date November 20, 2012 – Looking for a new state to move too? Wondering where in the U.S. you could potentially save the most money on your auto insurance? The best rates on car insurance can be found in the State of Ohio.  A recent study indicated among all the U.S  states studied, the best rates on car insurance are still in Ohio. The  study was calculated based on a  40-year-old male with good credit, a clean driving record, driving a 2012 Honda Accord with full coverage.  Among the best rates on car insurance; the highest auto insurance rate for that risk in Ohio could reach up to $970.00;  while the lowest rate he could have would be as little as $425.00. This study indicates a driver with those risk characteristics can save near 60% on his monthly premium policy payments.

Ohio has the best rates on car insurance

On the other side of the same coin is the State of Oklahoma.  For the same driver, car and coverage his auto insurance annual premium may reach as high as $2,000.00 a year. Our research also shows rates for the same risk can be only as cheap as $1,000. Does not sound like any kind of deal to me.  Besides being physically next to Oklahoma, the state of Arizona has the second best auto insurance rates in the country.  For the same risk, car and driver, a good rate can be as high as $950.00 annually and $500 as the cheapest rate.   Although most carriers whom are looking to offer the best rates on car insurance, they each use same factors in rating one’s auto insurance premium. Even though each auto insurance  company use the same exact method in coming up with its premiums, the rate factors need to be such that the carrier can make a profit.

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Allstate Auto Insurance “Drive-Wise” Popularity Growing

Post Date October 13, 2012 –  Allstate Auto Insurance sells one of the most popular Car Insurance Products in the United States.  Although you may not be aware, Allstate auto insurance owns a number of other popular car insurance companies. Both myself and my agents represent  2 Allstate owned insurance carriers.  As hundreds of our… Continue Reading

Electronic Proof Of Auto Insurance Is The Future

Post Date September 10, 2012 –As Cell and Smartphone technology becomes more and more useful for both business and family use; it’s quite possible a Smartphone will become more important than family car. Smartphones do a number of amazing things beside making telephone calls.   The list is long and growing.  Your smartphone is an… Continue Reading

Allstate Car Insurance Takes a Stand Against Auto Insurance Fraud In NY, NJ and PA

Allstate Car Insurance Takes a Stand Against Auto Insurance Fraud In NY, NJ and PA

Thursday’s Post 12.29.11 –  Allstate Budget Car Insurance Company has begun proceedings to take back over 6 million dollars from more than eighty organizations in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania whom were paid for allegedly fraudulent Auto Insurance claims. The action falls under the State’s RICO statutes.   Allstate Insurance Company provides both Car Insurance Quotes and Homeowners Insurance Quotes both on the interent… Continue Reading

OneBeacon Car Insurance sells AutoOne

OneBeacon Car Insurance sells AutoOne

AutoOne Auto Insurance Company, being one of the most established commercial automobile assigned risk services in  Arizona, California and Colorado, will now change ownership. Employees of the company are now waiting for the sale to be completed which includes a number of changes in the company like reducing the size of the business. The company  headquartered… Continue Reading

Disasters Impact Homeowners – Know The Provisions In your Insurance Policy

Disasters Impact Homeowners – Know The Provisions In your Insurance Policy

Annually, the states of Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Neveda and California experiences an array of natural disasters, from wildfires to floods, which all affect the residents and in turn their Business and Homeowner insurance needs. The Department of Insurance in all these states offer advice to both home and business owners on how best to protect themselves from natural disaster losses in… Continue Reading