Auto and Home Insurance Bundle In Ohio

Auto and Homeowners Insurance BundlePost Date  December 12, 2013- Auto and Home Insurance Bundle in Ohio is still the cheapest among all the states in the United States. Ohio’s Director of Insurance and  the states Lieutenant Governor announced the states auto and Home insurance bundle is still among the lowest cost in the United States.

Auto and Home Insurance Bundle  still the cheapest among all US States

Ohio residents have been enjoying the lowest auto and Home insurance bundle rates compared to the other US states in the country due to the state’s competitive auto and Home Insurance bundle market where consumers have access to over 100 Property & Casualty Insurance carriers.

Ohio Insurance Institute spokeswoman said that Ohio’s low premiums are not only a result of a competitive market but a combination of such and a friendly auto and home insurance bundle insurance regulatory environment.

Most recent data from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), the average auto and home insurance  bundle in Ohio is the ninth lowest in the country. The average auto premium in Ohio is only around $630.00.  As for homeowners insurance premiums, Ohioans are paying for the sixth lowest homeowners in the entire country at an average of $624.

Even with the lowest homeowners and auto insurance premiums being enjoyed in Ohio, or consumers to regularly review their auto and homeowners insurance coverage to ensure that they are having the “best policy at the best price to meet their needs.”

In 2006, Ohio was the sixth state entered by and marketed its auto and homeowners insurance., a licensed insurance agent in the state represents the top 30 auto insurance and homeowners insurance carriers in the country giving Ohioans a large selection of carriers to choose from to give them the best priced policy and coverage. If you want to compare your current rates or you need to obtained car insurance in a pinch – give us a call at (800) 240-3369.  Press option one.