Pennsylvania And New Jersey Auto Body Shops And Burying Auto Insurance Deductibles

Post Date April 3, 2012 –  From time to time all body shop operators in Pennsylvania and New Jersey are faced with requests from an auto insurance customer to “bury the deductible” where auto damage is covered by comprehensive or collision auto insurance coverage.  At this point when the customer is told “no”, the customer should be advised that before he or she takes the car around the corner to find a body shop owner which will say yes, the auto insurance customer should consider the following:

1. Conspiring to “bury a car insurance deductible” is committing car insurance fraud upon an insurance company and law.

2. Car Insurance Company Appraisers know the cost of repairs or replacement parts and can’t be fooled by inflated estimates.

3. If a  PA or NJ Body Shop agrees to bury a car insurance deductible, it has to take short cuts in making repairs and the car owner always gets a second rate job.

4.  A body shop willing to cheat an auto insurance company will be equally willing to cheat the car owner. The body shop never absorbs the cost of the deductible. The value is taken out of the loss amount and your car’s value is ultimately diminished.

5. If a Pennsylvania or New Jersey body shop decides to clip the job a little more and the job is second rate, the owner has no one to complain to if he conspired to “bury the claim deductible”

The smart thing for a car owner to do is to protect their investment by getting a first-class job from a 1st class body shop and to be glad that all they have to pay is the deductible they agreed upon when signing the car insurance policy.


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