Auto Insurance Agent Steals From Hollywood Celebs

Auto Insurance Agent StealsPost Date November 16, 2012 – Here we go again!  Once again a thieving auto insurance agent which makes me sick.  With all the new auto insurance new auto insurance websites on the world wide web, Insurance customers should be concerned where they buy their insurance policies.  Regardless if it’s for homeowners or or any other insurance need, the auto insurance agent and brokers out there needs to be watched very closely. Most of these brokers never consider the loss of the victims. All that matters to them is how much they can exploit their customer. Before you give dime to an auto insurance agent or broker, contact your state department of insurance to see if they are even licensed.

 Here we go again, thieving auto insurance agent steals from customers

Getting your insurance policies from reliable agents or brokers is a must so as to ensure that you will have your money’s worth.

An auto insurance agent in California  admits to overcharging  celebrities by hundreds of thousands of dollars for their monthly insurance bills.  A U.S. attorney Stephanie in the State of California say’s Auto Insurance Agent Jerry B. Goldman admitted  to being guilty of stealing  the insurance payments of  famous Actors, Musicians and Sports Stars.  Goldman was arrested at his California home.

Goldman is responsible for stealing the insurance premiums of Tom Hanks, Andy Summers, a former guitarist of the rock and roll music group The Police and others for more than $800,000.  Although Goldman stole hundreds of thousands of dollars, he did pay the insurance bills for the celebrities policies.  The auto insurance agent then sent revised invoices to Tom Hanks and the others to hide the amount of the actual bill. Although he was a thief, the auto insurance agent  did provide excellent insurance  coverage – from auto, property, flood, worker’s compensation, fine art, and even “personal employment practices liability”.  Even with all the money this auto insurance agent stole; his defense is being conducted by a Los Angeles public defender. In his official charges, Hanks and Summers where  only identified by their the initials T.H. and A.S., to protect their identities.  However, the LA Prosecutors confirmed their identities. Goldman’s trial date is on Dec. 18.


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