Auto Insurance Agents Warn Parents Of Youthful Drivers

Youthful Operator with Youthful PassengersPOST DATE October 23, 2012 – Over the part 20 years, I have received thousands of phone calls advising me children of those auto insurance customers have obtained their drivers license.  Since 1992,  both me and my auto insurance agents have advised those parents on youthful driving do’s and don’ts on our part as auto insurance agents. As auto insurance agents are aware all over the United States, youthful operators are at the highest risk of having car insurance accidents then any other driving risk group.


Auto insurance Agents warn the possibility of 16-17 year old drivers to be involved in fatal crashes is higher when there are other teen passengers in the car. This is compared to the risk of the same youthful driver risk group is they do not carry any youthful passengers. Auto Insurance Agents say the risk will increase to 44 percent when a young driver carries a passenger younger than 21 years with no other older passengers on board. When the youthful operator carries two passengers below 21-year old passengers. Sadly the risk grows dramatically when more kids are in the car.  Both my auto insurance agents and myself have been warning parents for 20 years.  We want to insure our PA and NJ Auto Insurance Customer prohibit their kid from having other kids in the car.  It’s only been just recently efforts to make teen driving more secure have started.  A few years ago lawmakers passed laws that regulate how teenagers shall be able to drive.

The  system to phase responsibility factors into youthful or beginner drivers shall have the privileges of driving. Fatalities involving young drivers will drop significantly. Many young drivers are involved in these accidents. A kid before being allowed to drive legally undergoes 50 hours of supervised driving in which he or she would be taught of the Dos and Don’ts on the road. And after those hours, the typical parents allow those teens to carry loads of their young friends in a car.  We all  realize what can happen when kids are left  alone in you home. Imagine what can happen inside a car? The same things which will happen with an unattended home – but you home is traveling at 50 miles per hour with 6 friends in attendance.  Beyond forbidding your teen driver from having youthful passengers,  you should not permit them to use their cell phones for any purpose – specifically texting.  One of my customer’s kids was recently involved in a very serious auto accident.  After the claimants attorney reviewed the cell phone records, it was discovered the 17 year old was texting his girlfriend within a minute of the accident.  The accident caused a family of 4 to be rushed to the hospital with serious injuries – ONE FATAL!


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