Auto Insurance Basics for Young Student Drivers

At present, many State Governments are taking a more rigid approach when it comes to the limitations imposed in handing over every learner’s permits and youthful driver’s licenses.  However in New Jersey and Pennsylvania;, Student Drivers do not like the restrictions the government has instituted for the sake of the safety of all travelers on both states.

These two (2) states have their own jurisdictions in handling car insurances. In some states, young and inexperienced drivers are allowed to drive to school or in work and vice versa without any official certifications issued by the government, except for a parent’s/legal guardian’s authorization document. 

It is time to face the truth that auto insurance is more expensive for teens and young aspirant drivers. Even though not all teens  considered dangerous drivers, they happen to be victims of statistics. For according to the Department of Transportation of both NJ and PA, car accidents among drivers below the age of 25 make up the highest number of irresponsible drivers in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

On the brighter side, there are some unknown secrets to lower auto insurance costs for students and young aspirant drivers. One of them is Good Grades Discounts. Maintaining grade point average of 3.0 (that’s a B for those of you without kids) a sufficient proof to impress many of the auto insurance companies represented by  Good grades will earn you real and reasonable discounts. Another thing student drivers could do is taking driving lessons through Defensive Driving Courses. There are many  schools throughout the states of both NJ and PA.  With the added knowledge on how to drive safely and therefore reducing odds of causing an accident, insurance companies will lower your premium even further.

In addition, installing an electronic device that will check one’s driving status will also allow insurance companies to check a driver’s habits like speeding and using mobile phones for texting/calling while driving. Safeco Insurance Company and Progressive Insurance Company are two of the many companies who offer the installation of these electronic devices to watch a driver’s performances along the road. Take a tour and shop around to find the lowest premiums using online tools that have the ability to give real-time prices and limited offers regarding insurance quotes from many sites at once. These tools are free; thus, there’s nothing to lose in the utilization of their services.

Finally, to get the best rates and best coverage, call an independent insurance agency that only gives out the quotes and doesn’t take any sides. There are many agencies like this, but there’s only one represents all 30 major car insurance carriers. We can find you the best quote for your situation in 10 minutes.  Call (800) 807-0762 for the best auto insurance rate quote.