Auto Insurance Carriers Target Car Theft In Michigan

Post Date 2.27.2013 – The number of  Grand Theft Auto cases in Michigan has dropped in recent months.  According to the Michigan Auto Theft Prevention Authority, auto theft has dropped by an amazing 10%.  The  number of stolen cars dropped from 29K to 26K.  These improvements are credited by efforts of state agencies whom have worked hand in hand with law enforcement and auto insurance companies.  Auto Insurance Companies noted that Dodge Ram pickups built between 1997 and 2003 were the most stolen car in 2010. They account for 6 out of 10 cars stolen, while Ford and Chevrolet pickups were also in the top car stolen. Detroit City had the highest auto theft cases in Michigan with 47 % of cars reported stolen in the state. Oddly, the city is also the largest producer of automobiles in the US.   Law enforcement, county prosecutors and auto-safety device makers work  together to deter auto theft across the state of Michigan. These organizations are mostly funded by auto insurance companies, which are the most financially affected by auto theft.  About $6 million was distributed to various agencies between October 2010 and September 2011. This  has been responsible for the recovery of over $27.5 million worth of automobiles and auto parts.  This has also been accredited with more than two thousand people being arrested for auto theft.

Michigan residents are encouraged with the progress being made, especially in light of cheaper auto insurance rates in the state. The auto insurance rates for comprehensive coverage in Michigan are at an all time high. The reduction of stolen cars in Michigan should have an impact on auto insurance rates. This is because car insurance companies mostly consider the local area and the exact car model, before adjusting their overall auto insurance rates.


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