Auto Insurance Claim Mobile App Helps Motorists

Auto Insurance Claim Mobile AppPost Date September 2, 2012 – A study conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration revealed Five Million vehicular accidents occur each year The United States of America. But what is more depressing is the result of a recent survey conducted by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) released in July, showed many Americans are simply unaware as to what the proper procedures are when they have an accident and to the proper things to do before and after they file an auto accident. The survey showed that most of the participants in the survey did not know what information to provide and collect from the other parties involved in an accident. Further, many never even called the police from the accident scene or after they arrive home.  About 20 percent of the survey’s respondents believe that calling the police is just necessary if there are people injured in an accident and that they are unaware that police reports help facilitate  an auto insurance claim.

Auto Insurance Claim App changes the rules on filing claims

Since this has been a an ongoing problem among auto insurance policy owners, the National Association of Insurance commissioners (NAIC)  released an innovative mobile smartphone app for those needing to file an Auto Insurance Claim.  It’s called WreckCheck.   WreckCheck  is a free mobile application which will certainly help drivers navigate the do’s and don’ts of an auto insurance claim. This application will provide users with the step-by-step process of creating an accident report which is vital when filing an auto processing for insurance claims. WreckCheck will also allow users to take pictures and document necessary information in filing an auto insurance claim.

After creating the accident report, the mobile app will also let users to email the report to themselves and to their auto insurance company. Aside from guiding the driver in documenting accidents and creating accident reports, WreckCheck also provides drivers some tips on how to stay calm, safe and smart while on the road. The auto insurance claim application is currently available for iPhone and Android smartphone users.


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