Auto Insurance Claims: When Is An Appropriate Time To File

Auto Insurance Claims DepartmentPost Date September 8, 2012 –  Anyone whom is either insured with us or follow my Blog know we are licensed to sell auto insurance and many other insurance products.  Although its very important we sell new auto insurance policies every day, those whom already have and auto insurance policy and have been involved in an automobile accident – need to contact an auto insurance claims department.  The purpose of our discussion today is to provide you with vital information regarding what to do when any auto insurance customer contacts an Auto Insurance Claims Department. Keep in mind the auto insurance claims process is very similar regardless the auto insurance claims department you speak with.

When is the appropriate time to contact your company’s Auto Insurance Claims Department?

You only contact your auto insurance claims department in the event that your vehicle has been involved in an accident, been vandalized or has been stolen.  In some cases your auto insurance claims department may contact you if they have been contacted by a second party. If you have physical damage coverage, such as Collision, you are entitled to contact your auto insurance claims department when your vehicle incurred damages from collision incidents. If you have Comprehensive coverage, you are entitled to file a claim when your vehicle is damaged from other causes than collision incident like  it has been vandalized or stolen. If another driver causes damage to your vehicle, aside from the option of filing insurance claim to your insurance company, you may also file a claim to the other driver’s auto insurance claims department.

Example; many youthful operators have very poor judgement.  I recently experience this first hand.  It turns out a newly added youthful operator was involved in an accident.  I received a call from one of my long time customers to add their daughter to their policy.  She had just received her license license in the State of New Jersey.  She had parked her parents SUV at a popular Pizza Place where many kids hang out.  While backing out of a parking spot, she miss judged and hit a car.  Instead of stopping; she left the scene.  Witnesses to the incident reported the license plate to police which led police to my customer.  Although I’m not going to comment on the charges file against the 17 year old, the police provided the insurance information to the claimant and it was the other party whom contact our auto insurance claims department.

If you have any questions regarding what is and what is not covered on your auto insurance policy; it is best that you read and understand your auto insurance policy.  Although you will have a policy declaration; the terms and agreements may be included in a seperate policy booklet.  In the event that you don’t have any idea who to contact to file an insurance claim with your insurer, call us at (800) 807-0762 or go to our

Auto Insurance Claims Center


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