Auto Insurance Companies Make Coverage Available For Accidents, Tickets and DUI/DWI

Post Date 3.13.2012 – we all know Auto Insurance Rates are higher for those drivers whom have Accidents, Tickets and Violations.  In many cases, obtaining auto insurance coverage is inexpensive for those with a DUI or DWI.  It was not to long ago those with these driving records could only obtain auto insurance through statutory means or the State Assigned Risk Plan. In most cases, that States Minimum Limits or Minimum Liability Only Coverage was a problem for those drivers with substantial Assets. Reluctance of the big box companies like State Farm, Allstate, Nationwide and Liberty Mutual has led to the establishment of a new bread of car insurance company. These car insurance carriers specialize in insuring those drivers with Accidents, Tickets and violations.  The appealing factor with these new car insurance companies is, their rates are substantially cheaper than the states Assigned Risk Plan. Where most agent’s were reluctant to contract with these automobile insurance companies, opened it’s doors in 1992 specializing in helping those drivers left with no options but the Assigned Risk Plan.  Although continues to offer  Car Insurance to those needing a cheaper High Risk solution, we also offer those drivers with good records dozens of Standard & Preferred Insurance Carriers with exceptional pricing.


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