Auto Insurance Cost Less in Ohio’s Small Towns

One of the factors that insurance companies used in determining auto insurance costs for a particular consumer is the place where he lives and drives his vehicle.

In the state of Ohio, a driver or vehicle owner who lives within the City of Athens or in rural areas or small towns can avail of much lower premiums on their auto insurance policy.

A male, single driver who falls on the age bracket of 25-64 who prefer to only have the mandatory liability coverage (bodily injury and property damage) with the amount of coverage a little higher than the state requirements may enjoy lower auto insurance costs and pay an annual premium of $251.00.
A married, male driver whose age is above 64 who also live in small towns or rural areas can enjoy a much lesser insurance costs, as much as $204.00 annually.

However, student auto insurance or policies intended for young drivers though they live and operate their vehicle on such areas will still have higher premiums. But the good thing is, the price they have to pay is still less compared in the big cities.

The location of one’s residence greatly affects the price of auto insurance. For every location indicates different risks. A rural area has small traffic and in most cases, a low-crime rate. With this fact, the possibility of vehicular accidents and theft is much lesser compared to cities which have huge traffics and high crime rates.

As a tip, to enjoy lower insurance costs, vehicle owners and drivers must maintain good driving and credit history. With such qualities, insurance companies see it as an indicator that such consumers carry low risks for losses. As for students or young drivers, one can lower the cost of his or her insurance by maintaining good driving and academic record.

To know your particular auto insurance cost in Ohio, you may call toll-free number at 800-807-0762 and avail of the lowest auto insurance rates in the state.