Auto Insurance Discounts: How Much Can You Save?

Auto Insurance DiscountsPost Date September 3, 2012 – Auto insurance discounts are  financial deductions to a car insurance policy customer whom meets specific pre-qualifications. These auto insurance discounts are built into the actual car insurance policy form and approved by your states Department of Insurance.  Some of these auto insurance discounts can be as much as a 45% deduction from your policy.  Many whom have switched to us have saved over 65% of what they are paying now.

Our economy has been very hard on our customers.  Between gas prices and the loss of  jobs, saving money is more important than ever.  As the car insurance market continues to harden and auto insurance prices soaring,   most car insurance consumers need to reduce their costs.  Auto insurance discounts are an easy way to save your family that much needed cash.

Auto Insurance Discounts can save you 65% off what your paying now.

Today’s post will provide you with information on the auto insurance discounts offered by our agency.  It’s important to remember, all car insurance carriers  have their own way of applying auto insurance discounts.  The following is the most common practices in which consumers would be able to enjoy discounted auto insurance rates.


  • Defensive Driving Courses – By completing defensive driving courses, you are showing your auto insurance company that you do know the do’s and dont’s in driving and that you are a better driver, hence, being less riskier for them to insure. As for young drivers who are being charged with higher premiums, they can also avail of discounts by completing driving courses.
  • Good Driving Record – Maintaining a good driving record without any incident of claims or have maintained it at minimal can also avail of discounts as they renew their insurance policy. Good driving records do not only mean avoiding from auto accidents but as well avoiding traffic infractions.
  • Multi Car Discount – Insurers offer discount considerations on clients who would insure not just one vehicle in their policy or would buy another type of insurance from them.
  • Safety Features – By ensuring that your car is safe will be viewed by insurers that it will cost them less to insure you. You can install safety features such as automatic seatbelts, airbags, anti-lock brakes, anti-theft devices, etc.
  • Prior Insurance – Anyone whom has maintained at least 6 months of Prior and continuous auto insurance coverage my contact us and qualify for an immediate 20% auto insurance discount.

The auto insurance discounts listed above are only a small list of the money saving discount available.  Please call our Toll-Free Auto Insurance Hotline to find out exactly how much you can save.


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