Auto Insurance Information: What To Do After An Accident?

This auto insurance information Is intended to inform drivers and vehicle owners of the steps they must take when they will find their selves in an automobile accident. This tip is significant as to guide auto insurance consumers on what to do, and to having difficulties in filing for auto insurance claims.

• Avoid further damage to you vehicle. If possible, you move your vehicle to protect it from further damage and to avoid blocking incoming traffic.

• Call the authorities. Call 991 or the police especially if someone is hurt or killed in that accident. You may also call them if you have difficulty in moving your vehicle. In the event of a hit-and-run incident as it is necessary for you to report this to the police for uninsured motorist coverage will not pay for anything unless the incident has been reported.

• Get the necessary information from the other driver involved such as their name, address, telephone number, license number, license plate number, and their auto insurance information (exact and complete name of their insurance company and their policy number). After getting such, you must also provide the other driver same information.

• If there are any witnesses to that accident, get their names, their addresses and their telephone numbers.

• Immediately notify your auto insurance company about the incident through phone or in person. You may as well want to talk with your insurance agent for him to explain to you the notification and claims process.

• Provide your auto insurance company copies of the official reports of the accident and other legal documents pertaining to it.

• If your insurer will conduct their investigation as part of the claims process, you must cooperate.

This auto insurance information would like to remind you to carry at least the minimum insurance requirements on your state. But if you could, include the other optional auto insurance coverage in your policy such as physical damage and medical payments to provide your vehicle and yourself better protection.

For more auto insurance information and details on processing claims, it is recommended that you talk directly with your insurance company.