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Unique: Auto Insurance in America

When it comes to driving legally in the U.S., things are a bit different than they are in the rest of the world. For auto insurance, America represents a unique market. Why? For one thing, insurance in America is regulated by each of the 50 states and various other jurisdictions that are part of the United States. That means that, unlike issues like Federal Income Tax, Immigration, Environmental Protection, and other national policies, what “Auto Insurance America” looks like to the individual driver depends on what state line they happen to be living within.

The Auto Insurance America Needs

As you’ll see if you visit our Nationwide Insurance Directory, we have links to Auto Insurance Information for all 50 states and the District of Columbia. And, while no one is likely to move to another state in order to save on car insurance rates, it helps to know exactly what the minimum levels and optional coverages are for the auto insurance Americans are required to purchase in order to be ‘street legal’ within their community.

In addition to our handy State Insurance pages, you can also get a personalized quote on car insurance for your specific situation by using our handy online quote button or by calling our Toll Free Insurance Hotline at 800-807-0762 and talking to one of our helpful and friendly representatives. We also encourage you to seek out quotes from other online, local and national providers – all we want is the best rate for drivers so they have the required auto insurance America needs. So, don’t hesitate to find out if you can lower your monthly premium today. We really want to help you save the most on your auto insurance America!

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