As young adults in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, we always dream about the day we will finally obtain our drivers license and if we are lucky own our very first car. Both occasions have very different responsibilities. When you study and finally take your Driver’s Exam for you Drivers License, you must make sure the car you take your test in has auto owners insurance. Regardless it the car or truck you take your drivers exam belongs to your family or a friend, you must insure the car is properly insured and maintains an auto owners insurance policy. Both PA and NJ require any car or truck legally registered in their state to carry a minimum amount of liability and property damage insurance coverage.  Since most people whom own an automobile can’t maintain the state self insurance escrow bank account of$30,000.00, you will  be required to buy an insurance policy which will pay an insurance limit of equal value.

It’s important not to confuse the title of this page with the car insurance company of the same name.