Is there such a thing as Average Auto Insurance Rates?  This is an easy question to answer.  As a licensed Car Insurance Agent for the last 20 years, I can definitively say
 there is no such thing as average auto insurance rates.  When a  car insurance company sets rates in the state you live, they make sure many different types of risks are represented in what is referred to as an Insurance Rate Filing.  They want to make sure they collect enough in monthly payments to pay claims, expenses and to make a profit.

Although many people have similar driving records and drive the same type car, the car insurance rate offered by a specific car insurance carrier may be much more or less for other reasons.  Why?  The most common reason is Garaging Location.  Where you live and park your car every evening effects your monthly payment.  For example; if you live in an urban area like Trenton, New Jersey; the percentage of you having an at fault accident,  not at fault accident or car stolen is much higher than a person who lives in a suburban area like Hamilton, New Jersey.