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Cheap Auto Insurance Quote

With hundreds of television, radio and internet advertisements every hour, how can a car insurance shopper be absolutely sure their receiving a truly cheap auto insurance quote? The car insurance business has changed drastically over the last 10 years.  When InsureDirect entered the insurance industry in 1992, very few companies where
advertising on TV and even fewer were using the internet to market cheap auto insurance quotes. When we first started offering insurance products, we exclusively sold discount car insurance to drivers in the State of Pennsylvania.

Our car insurance rates were so well received, within two years we became licensed in the state of Delaware. We immediately started marketing both auto and homeowners insurance in Wilmington, New Castle, Dover and all major cities in the State. One year after that, the states of Maryland and New Jersey followed.  In 1995, InsureDirect established the website More and more states were added over the years until was offering car insurance rates nationwide by 2002.