Regardless of where you shop for car insurance rates;  you always seek the best cheap auto insurance quote you can find.  Much has changed in the auto insurance community in the last 10 years.  Personally, I feel the internet has created a tremendous amount of confusion for anyone shopping for a cheap auto insurance quote.  It’s easy to be tricked.  It’s up to you, you can be fooled into providing your personal private information to an unlicensed website claiming to be a legitimate licensed agent, broker or company or you can receive a true cheap auto insurance quote from You may ask, “how can I tell a true licensed Auto Insurance Website from an unlicensed Site.  It’s so easy it will make you laugh – a telephone number.  Any Auto Insurance Website which does not display a telephone number is an obvious fraud.  Why else would they not provide a valid telephone number so an agent could speak to you.  Keep this in mind the next to you shop.