The state minimum requirements for Texas car insurance have its emphasis on the liability coverage. All vehicle owners who are required to register their vehicles in Texas are compelled to carry on injury liability insurance limits for each person to the amount of at least $30,000, and property damage liability with at least $25,000 limit for each accident.

Texas Car Insurance: Comprehensive Auto Coverage

The point of setting minimum requirements for Texas car insurance is to empower vehicle owners for them to be able to attend to their responsibilities when accident happens, that they can pay for the medical expenses of the other people involved in the accident (the other party) and the property damages incurred by the other parties – the other vehicles and properties such as streetlamps, walls, houses and other infrastructure. Insurance policies as we all know do not come cheap, and it is for this reason why states only set minimum requirements. But with only the minimum requirements, you are not completely protected. Yes, you are able to pay for claims by other parties but how about your injuries and damages to your car? Who will pay for them? That is one critical reason why insurance consumers opt to have more than the state’s minimum insurance requirements.

As to not extend your expenditures on car insurance in having better protection for your vehicle, Texas car insurance providers offer Comprehensive Auto Coverage. This coverage will cover for the following:

• Comprehensive Auto Coverage will pay for the damages incurred by your insured vehicles by causes other than collision, whether it is for repair or the vehicle’s replacement.

• Comprehensive Auto Coverage will pay for replacement in the event that your vehicle got stolen.

• Comprehensive Auto Coverage will pay for damages incurred by vandalism.

This insurance coverage however requires Deductible which is the amount the insurance policyholder has to share to cover for the damages. The price for this coverage will vary considering the amount of Deductible you prefer. The higher the Deductible, the lower price you get.

Comprehensive Insurance For Texas Cars
Texas Car Insurance: Comprehensive Auto Coverage

By getting comprehensive auto coverage aside from Texas car insurance minimum requirements will better safeguard your investment made to your vehicle, and your financials in the future. Other than the discussed coverage, insurance policyholders may also opt to have additional protection by acquiring other coverage such as Collision, Medical Payment, Underinsured/Uninsured, Towing, and Rental Reimbursement.


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