Auto Insurance is It!

7/14/11 Update: Is it too early to wonder how many insurance ads will be broadcast during next year’s Superbowl? Well, maybe, since the current lockout means there may not be any Superbowl at all next January. But if there is, what do you think the chances are we won’t be seeing the Geico Gecko or ‘Flo’ offering hapless shoppers tips on saving on their car insurance? Let us know what you think in the comments!

Boy O-boy kids! Would you say Auto Insurance has become the “It Product” among television and radio commercials today? I know what you’re thinking, why don’t you tell us something we don’t know?

Believe it or not; there is not a 30 second block of time anywhere on the thousands of cable and satellite channels in the United States where one of the “big box” Auto Insurance Companies is not running either a TV or Radio Commercial.

Major Auto Insurance Companies like Progressive, GEICO, Esurance, Nationwide and Allstate Auto Insurance Company are all examples of Auto Insurance Carriers which have experienced unprecedented success as a result of these ads.

Changes in the state auto insurance laws all over the United States have made it much easier for auto insurance companies to be profitable. Prior to the 1990’s, this was not the case. Today; changes in these state no-fault statutes now enable auto insurance companies to recover many losses from the insurer of an at fault driver.

These changes in the tort laws which govern auto insurance had their first effect on the national independent insurance agency channel. In 1992, a licensed independent agent named Mike Dortch founded the auto insurance agency Combined Insurance Group, Ltd. (CIG). After 6 years of writing auto insurance in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland; Dortch expanded CIG’s Insurance licenses nationwide and launched the national online auto insurance agency