Auto Insurance Laws Changes For California’s Drivers

Tuesday’s Post 1.3.12 –  California’s Auto Insurance laws may change the eligibility for safe driver discounts for that states drivers. Changes to car insurance rules will make it easier for carriers to find out if a driver’s actions in an accident put them at primary fault. The changes, made earlier in the week allow budget Auto Insurance Companies to use evidence in their possession to prove a driver, through action or inaction, caused a car accident. 6 specific circumstances decide whether a motorist could be found at fault for a car accident, regardless of other circumstances. California drivers are found to be at fault if their behavior behind the wheel resulted in the accident. This is determined if at least 51% of the blame can be attributed to the a driver in a car accident.   California drivers are no longer eligible for safe driving discounts in the event they have a single violation point on their driving record, or were at fault in a collision. Prior to these auto insurance changes, the damage allowance was capped at seven hundred fifty dollars.

The California Department Of Insurance (DOI) says the threshold for property damages needs to be amended. The guidelines for safe driver eligibility were first outlined in the proposed amendment 103, passed by the legislation 30 years ago.  When California drivers become eligible for a safe driver discount, they should see a 20% decrease in their annual auto insurance rates and monthly car insurance payment.  These changes also make the way clear for carriers to use CLUE and ISO database results in making at-fault accident decisions.  Car insurance companies will no longer have the ability to use Department of Motor Vehicle records, (DMV) which often lake information used to make such At Fault Accident and Not At Fault  Accident determinations. In addition; Department of Motor Vehicle keep track of  Speeding Tickets, Stop Sign Violations, Traffic Light Violations, Driving While Intoxicated (DWI), Driving Under the Influence (DUI) and License Suspension for excessive drivers license points.


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