Auto Insurance & License Lost for Slow Driving

Bye Bye Auto InsurancePost Date October 30, 2013 – A driver in Minnesota is facing the possibility of not being able to hit the road again as his license and auto insurance was cancelled not due to constant over speeding nor for maniac-driving behavior, but because of always getting cited for slow driving.

The driver does not agree with the loss of his Drivers License and Auto Insurance

Gary Constans, a resident of Lester Prairie Minnesota has been losing his court battles to keep his driver’s license.  Just recently, the state’s Court of Appeals had decided not to return Contans’ driver’s license who had earlier lost it for slow driving over and over again on the Minnesota State Streets and Highways.  Now 59 years old and a retired postal worker, Constans does not understand why authorities and his auto insurance company in Minnesota are having a problem with the way he drives. Constans said that he does not drink nor smoke while driving, and he is driving slow so as to save on fuel and also to avoid hitting animals. By the speed his going, Constans said believes that he will have enough time to hit for the brakes should an animal would cross his path therefore would avoid accidents.

Before losing his driver’s license and his auto insurance was cancelled, Constans had received nine warnings with regards to his slow driving. A report from a local newspaper said that in one of those warnings, the police caught Constans driving in a speed of 30-45 mph on a highway that has a 55mph speed limit.  Not ruling favorably to Constans, the Minnesota Court of Appeals said that the driver have disregarded the state’s traffic laws and by that his driving behavior had poses a  greater dangerous driving conditions for others using the same streets and highways.  The court said in its decision that to uphold the revocation of Constans’ license, the decision of the Minnesota Department of Public Safety commissioner to revoke his license was not arbitrary or unreasonable.