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Post Date August 16. 2012 –  Is your current auto insurance policy about to cancel, non-renew or renew?  Are you considering other insurance providers which may have better coverage, lower monthly payment or both?  Does you current Auto Insurance Policy premium suit your needs?  If any of these questions define your current situation; then please take a few minutes to read my Blog today.  I provide a set of questions  I feel are important when making an auto insurance policy comparison.  The following are things you should know and important things to consider when making an auto insurance policy comparison among car insurance companies.

Auto Insurance Policy ComparisonHere are the three simple things to remember in making an auto insurance policy comparison:

1) Make a review of your current auto insurance policy. Note important details of your coverage such as the limits of liability, property damage, comprehensive and collision deductibles. Note the amount of premium you pay for your auto insurance policy coverage. You will need these facts before making an auto insurance policy comparison among car insurance companies have to offer.

2) Choose an insurance agency which represents multiple national carriers.  This will give them the ability to offer you an auto insurance policy comparison over the phone. Provide them the exact amount of coverage that you presently have and review the quotes being offered to you now.

3) Compare the costs of the insurance coverage that you have gathered from the different auto insurance companies. Choose the company you feel offers the competitive quotes.

There’s no reason you can’t find the auto insurance policy rates which is right for you.  Sadly, ever auto insurance company claims they have a better rate than the other guy.   The bottom line is; the only way you can consistently have the lowest car insurance rates is buying from a broker which represents more than 10 different car insurance carriers.  In this situation, the broker will always make sure you have the best rate because he or she does not want to lose your business.


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