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Category Archives: Auto Insurance

Business Auto Insurance Policy Covers Your Family

Post Date January 12, 2014 – Business Auto insurance Coverage is very different than Personal Auto Insurance. In the past, Business auto insurance would not cover and family members living in your household.  A recent court ruling states Underinsured Motorist coverage will be provided through a business auto insurance policy to cover a family member’s damages from… Continue Reading

Low Cost Car Insurance Rates For Hybrids

Post Date January 10, 2014 – With in excess of one million cars sold, Toyota Motor company is the number one (1) top-seller for hybrid electric motor car. Not only does the Toyota Prius hold the top spot for top selling car, it holds the top spot for low cost car insurance rates. Low Cost… Continue Reading

Proof Of Ohio Car Insurance Goes Electronic

Post Date January 8, 2014 – More and more states are now discussing  proposals that drivers can present their proof of auto insurance coverage electronically through their mobile phones, computers and even tablets. It appears the State of Ohio is no different.  Proof of Ohio car insurance in an electronic format is being considered as… Continue Reading

New Jersey Teen Drivers Are Being Carefully Watched

Post Date January 2, 2014 – New Jersey Teen Drivers are under careful watch by NJ Law Enforcement. The number one cause of death for New Jersey teens is not a disease, illness and not suicide.  The number one cause is detracted New Jersey teen drivers. The New Jersey Division of Highway Traffic Safety wants to… Continue Reading

Obamacare Health Insurance Exchange – Not in PA

Post Date December 30, 2013 – Insurance regulators in the state of Pennsylvania announced an Obamacare Health Insurance Exchange may not be available for PA Health Insurance buyers. The original plan was to have a state-administered Obamacare health insurance exchange available by January 2014. Coverage In Obamacare Health Insurance Exchange Will Cost More The Pennsylvania… Continue Reading

New Jersey Young Driver Decal Does Saves Lives

Post Date December 28, 2013 – Researchers at Children Hospital of Philadelphia released a study showing that Kyleigh’s Law which requires a New Jersey Young Driver Decal to be placed on their licensed plate identifying them as a youthful operator.  The New Jersey Young Drivers Decal has prevented approximately 1,600 automobile crashes and hundreds of… Continue Reading

New Mexico Auto Insurance Scam Uses Telephone

  Post Date December 22, 2013 – New Mexico Law Enforcement is advising their residents to be wary of a New Mexico Auto Insurance Scam.  The scam involves residents receiving getting a telephone call from a New Mexico Auto Insurance agent offering inexpensive New Mexico Auto Insurance Coverage.  In actuality, the caller is a con… Continue Reading