Auto Insurers Act On Mobile Device Distraction

The usage-based auto insurance coverage is an insurance product meant to encourage responsible driving by motorists, and also reward them for driving less.  Progressive Insurance Company, Allstate and GEICO are all using these types of devices to help their customers save money.  Just ask your Representitive which carrier offers the best device. 

A report by Insurance Information Institute points to ways through which auto  insurance carriers monitor a driver’s driving habits. The most common method is the use hi-tech gadgets like telematics to track the driver’s driving mannerisms in terms of speed, braking trends with emphasis on hard breaking and driving hours. However, according to ZoomSafer, a Virginia-based firm that specializes in the sale of motoring software, auto insurance carriers should be focusing on distracted driving resulting from use of mobile gadgets while driving. According to ZoomSafer, insurers would be able to lower the cost of premiums even farther by stemming this behavior. The firm develops and sells software which jams the phone while in the car making it impossible for the driver to use his /her mobile phone for any function while driving. The software also monitors cell phone usage while driving.

A statement by (NHTSA) in a national survey revealed that at least 5,000 fatalities and nearly 448,000 injuries were due to distracted driving. The agency reports that that this driving misbehavior-which involves eating, changing dials for radio stations while on the wheel-is immensely sidelined by many of the reports on law enforcement.

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety determined that motorists using handheld devices are four times more likely to cause accidents that result in body injuries.  Additionally, an accident caused by distracted driving would be a black mark for the motorist because if the motorist is deemed to be the one to blame, he /she would have to pay higher auto insurance premiums.

ZoomSafer team is convinced that insurance carriers would greatly benefit from monitoring distracted driving resulting from the use of mobile devices while driving as this would enable them to tailor the usage-based coverage program more accurately.



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