Automobile Recalls – Is Your Used Car On The List?

According to a number of online auto insurance companies, from1996 to date the US has had approximately 360 million cars recalled. This is a figure that should catch the attention of anyone looking to buy a car. It is also important information for anyone driving a used car. Being aware of the most recent automobile recalls is important because many models are recalled by manufacturers due to dangerous safety-related defects. If you drive a used car, you can save yourself money and unnecessary anguish by inquiring if your car is on the recall list. For anyone seeking to purchase a car, ensure that the vehicle’s manufacturer would be responsible for all costs incurred should the car be recalled.

Automobile recalls are usually issued due to a variety of minor and major mechanical problems. Some reasons for recall are due to safety concerns. Just recently GM had to recall 1.5 million trucks and a few other models due to mechanical problems with their windshield fluid heaters. The fluid heaters carried a high risk of catching fire. In a similar move, Toyota had to recall nearly eight million cars early this year. The biggest concern for many of the recalled vehicle owners was what would happen to their auto insurance since their cars had been identified as defective vehicles. Many wonder if they would be charged more. Auto insurance is one of the major reasons why you need to find out if your used car is on the list every time a recall is announced.

In order to find out whether a recall can affect your car insurance, it is imperative to examine the pricing of car insurance. If you compare auto insurance quotes online, you will find out if the insurance companies listed have any information about the effect of vehicle recall on auto insurance. The Insurance Information Institute states that the price of a policy is determined by among other issues the driving history, location, mileage, cost of the car, repair costs, and safety rating. Although recall is not among these reasons, it is important to determine if the model you want to buy or of the used car you are driving has previously been recalled.

This is quite important as you might find yourself liable for an accident or even suffer a rate increase should you damage another person’s property while driving a faulty car. It is therefore necessary to find out if your vehicle is on any recall list. To find out if your car is on a recall list, all you need to do is to go online and find this information from auto websites. Alternatively, you could find this information from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration which is responsible for reporting vehicle defects. They have a detailed database of all vehicles tested since 1994 in which you can search for your model by year or make.